Five Brands Best for Your Body and Your Budget

Welcome back from your holiday weekend and well let's just get into some frugal fashion. With the plethora of brands out there, it can be hard to navigate especially if you're not brand savvy. In the past decade, there has been a flux of clothing brands  that have very open interpretation to being considered wallet friendly. In addition to the open definition of budget friendly, these brands have a multitude of sizing issues, thank you J. Crew for your pants in a  000. What makes a great brand is ease, and ease comes not from merchandising, or cute models but ease comes from comfort in shopping,  wearing and of course cost.

Vanity sizing has caused a major backlash with women shoppers.  The range in sizing from varying designers can be awful and a lot of times can be hurtful. A 6 in one company can be a 12 in another causing for many females to have slight dismorphic issues.  So, with saying today's post is dedicated to the top five brands that are best for your body as well as your budget. Get into this list

 Jessica Simpson

Sleeveless Jumpsuit

 Say what you want this lady may have left a lasting impression as a dumb blonde but, she is a genius when it comes to her brand. The Jessica Simpson brand is made up  of accessories, dresses, maternity and eyewear to name a few but with this list  I'm speaking specifically about her clothing.  The dress  line found in your local  Macy's and Dillard's has  a range of styles including careerwear as well as  special occasions. Maxing out at around $168 for a special occasion dress, Simpson's line is consistent with modern day sizing, and also includes talls and petites within their denim line as well.

 International Concepts INC 

INC International Concepts Ruffled Floral-Print Maxi Dress

Macy's inhouse line   is a sedated take on runway worthy trends and  is one of the most  budget friendly brands on the market. If you hold a Macy's credit card and you are familiar to Macy's cyclic markdown process, you can always capture an INC piece for very low prices. Even, if you're not  price gouging,  INC is a credible brand to create a sturdy wardrobe.  The line is current but not a full on copy, the sizing is also practical and giving. The pants, are almost always fuller in the thigh and hip  along with having  a  decent inseam that doesn't require a trip to the tailor and leftover excess fabric.

 Jaclyn Smith for Kmart

Textured Bolero Cardigan 

Before you even think about rolling your eyes and thinking about your great aunt Susie rocking her Jaclyn Smith twinset from 1993, I'm telling you give the line a chance. You may not think OMG Fashion Mecca when you think of Kmart but, for the past few seasons, there has been considerable price savvy and classic statement pieces in the Jaclyn Smith Collection as well as some of their additional brands like Sophia Vegera.  With very few pieces topping above $75, and current shapes and silhouettes, Kmart is moving forward with a savvy brand for the masses.

 Old Navy

Women's Camo Button-Front Shirts

When I was a Gap employee and learning the art of perfect folding, Old Navy was the quirky cousin to the more  hip Gap. Remember those celebrity driven ads- now we have Boyz II Men selling to us. My have the times changed and  on a recent trip to Old Navy, I saw casual street style worthy pieces that made me want to break my edict of no shopping before Independence day. I held back from the drool worthy pieces only because my closet is runneth over.  Here's another great thing about Old Navy a size 6 is a size 6 granted your hip to waist ration. A 6 is not a 16 or a -6 it's pretty true to size and has been such for over five years.


Stretch Cotton Sailor Pants 

If you are curvy on the bottom, finding flattering pants is an epic adventure. I've had moments of bursting out in tears trying on pants in many Euro centric shops then, I discovered LOFT and all my crying days were gone.  A pair of trousers from LOFT will make you look at your butt every time you pass a mirror and with their online flash sales, you can get a great butt, long legs and fun pants for the average price of $68. In addition to the pants, the dresses and tops have an amazing ability to work in so many varying parts of your lifestyle. When you purchase from LOFT you will never sing Jimmy Kimmel's song "Tight Pants"