Get Affordable Style with Bobi

Quick, name an LA based clothing line that is stylish,  great quality, affordable and figure flattering. First thing that comes to mind for me is Bobi. A brand that I was first introduced to in 2012 at Caravan Style Studio and  is now not only  my summer uniform but, one of my favorite brands. The line is primarily made of  supple jersey  leaving   the skin cool, the silhouettes are not restrictive nor shape morphing, they last after washing, the colors don't bleed nor does the item shrink. So often I purchase a tee and after one wash, it looks like it could be a hand me down for a newborn. Quality is everything and you don't have to sacrifice your budget with this brand. The entire line is under $120 and most pieces range between $40-$60, no record breaking price point  of the 1 percent. Bobi is the clothing   line for the cool kids on a budget.

For more information on Bobi click here and to purchase head to Revolt Clothing  or Shop Style.