Why There Is No Shame In Wearing Spanx

Spanx is a word and brand that has become part of the common vernacular. Most women and funny enough a few men have at least one pair of Spanx in their wardrobe and here's the zinger, it's not just for people with some weight issues. No, fat shaming over here, Spanx is now a necessity to not only smooth out lumps and bumps but Spanx are a necessity in the summer time for all the clothing that is lightweight, short and or clingy. Creating the illusion of a seamless, smooth line under a jersey dress as opposed to seeing all your jiggly parts or even worse, panty lines or-gasp thong lines separates the ladies from the lesser groomed.
Spanx is  a miracle garment, a trifecta of neatness. Part girdle, part underwear and  part slip all wrapped into one.  Unlike, a girdle it doesn't constrict your breathing, unlike underwear it doesn't leave lines and unlike a slip, it provides more coverage.  When I say Spanx, I am speaking about a line of varying undergarments and shape wear. I'm not wearing a full on rib to knee piece like the original. Instead, I have Spanx for different outfits, body issues etc. Here is a list of them all.

My Almost Everyday Spanx aka How to Avoid Thigh Rub

For ladies who  luckily don't have thigh gap,sometimes your lady meat can rub and create a 4 alarm blaze. These make it easy to walk on a hot summer day without creating friction.

My I Don't Want to Flash you Spanx

Going up and down the stairs in a train station can make a girl feel very um exposed. These Spanx, are will not  get you  the same reaction as say some sneak peek of butt cheek.

My I Don't do Underwear Lines Spanx

Visible underwear lines are annoying, and I don't like anyone knowing what kind of underwear I have on. These are lightweight and creates the perfect example of modesty.

My I Don't Have a Flat Tummy Spanx

 Rock hard abs, will never happen to me and I'm fine with that, until I put on a body con dress  and get a beer belly I never knew I had.  That is when a high waisted shaper comes in handy and just erases the flubber away. 

My, This Dress is Sheer Spanx

Sheer isn't always for sluts, sometimes things get sheer in the sunlight or lack of light in the fitting room.  Sheer doesn't always mean transparent, cotton and jersey in the summer time especially can be sheer. No one needs to see my goodies unless I want them to.
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