Beauty Highlight: Avene Thermal Spring Water

Thermal Spring Water aka Youth in a Can 

 Years ago I was on a flight  and remember a woman misting her face from a can. Unlike now,  I was far from intrigued and I think I rolled my eyes and assumed it was a European thing. Fast forward a few years later and a major model arrives for a shoot. She sits down  and before applying her make up, she pulls out a similar can and spritzed her face, again I chalked it up to being fancy. Last weekend, after a rather intense workout, I went into my bag and pulled out a can of Eau Thermal Avene , Thermal Spring Water I sprayed my face and out of the corner of my eye I saw a few eyerolls but, I wanted them to know that less than a decade ago, I too was ignorant to the amazing properties and that I hope one day they would enjoy the intoxicating affects of what I like to call,  youth dew in a can.

 When taking care of your skin, what is the constant  message we hear countless times? Water, water water. Cleanse and hydrate, cleanse and hydrate all to a beat. Well, our skin gets parched and it gets clogged and we can't revise it throughout the day as we can in the comfort of her home. Between bone chilling air conditioning and make up melting humidity, our skin takes a beating from internal and external conditions and those bipolar conditions create clogged  pores as well as dehydration. So what that woman on the flight was doing and the model on set were energizing their face and leaving a fine mist of thermal water to clean and hydrate. My eye rolls were just passionate ignorance, and as they say when you know better you do better.

Why then would I use a compressed can of water rather than the spray bottle I use on my dog? Well, traditional tap water  may do the job for full on cleaning, it doesn't compare with the low pH levels, the silicate and the low salt minerals of this product. If there was a patron saint of beauty, then this would be the blessed water in their name. Thermal Spring Water is a multipurpose product  that can be used on babies to prevent diaper rash, after exercise, during travel, after shaving and also on sunburn and burns. Although those forms of usage are practical, dermatologist recommend it for those suffering from eczema, post surgery as well as for rashes and sensitive skin.

Thermal Spring Water can be found in Walgreens as well as online at Priced around $18, it  is 11 ounces and  a little goes a long way. You catch my can   currently in my gym and everyday bag carry in my bag everyday. Caution, you may see this lady misting her face in this concrete jungle and I'm prepared for the eye rolls.