I Took theclass and it Kicked My ......

In my search for fun alternatives to fitness I have taken just about every class known  to man. There was yoga in high school, cardio ballet in college, followed by mat Pilates, a sporadic partaking in pole dancing, then there was kickboxing, a brief spell in Barre  and now, I have piqued my fitness curiosity with theclass. There's no typo there, it is in fact  entitled theclass

I received an invite from a publicist, I would take theclass and follow it up with a preview of the Winter collection of one of my favorite fitness apparel lines, Athleta. I figured how bad could it be, I can tackle the StairMaster with no issue  and do 150 squats with my eyes closed.  My body, got the rude awakening of its life. Every connective muscle, and each small muscle group I ignore in my normal routine, was put to work in theclass and  it left me crying on the inside and realizing I am far from as strong as I think I am. 

Founder and lead instructor of theclass, Taryn Toomey, is a pint sized potty mouth pistol powerhouse.  Toomey  combines  techniques found in yoga, Pilates, traditional cardio, and formulates  theclass as an awakening of the mind and body. Fifteen minutes in and I was flushed, breathing heavy and begging for mercy. Through a series of isolated moves and positions, Toomey has you exhaust a muscle group through pulsing and back to back positions mixed in with a squat here and a jumping jack there. My group was composed  of female  editors and bloggers, whom Toomey stated were hard to break, she  must have missed  my left butt cheek quivering or my triceps giving out. Luckily, I persevered and  was able to walk away with a better  understanding of my body and my own workouts.

 theclass founder Taryn Toomey (left)  and instructor Jaycee Gossett

Post workout,  I was able to chat with Taryn Toomey  and Jaycee Gossett host of Veria Living's lifestyle show The Juice who is also an  instructor. Jaycee, was  my guardian angel and spotted my difficulties and suggested alternative   positions. Both ladies pointed out that theclass wasn't abuse and I wasn't out of shape, it was merely a reconfiguration of my body's usual workout and the use of  smaller muscle groups rather than larger ones that I  have become  accustom to. 

Led by a fantastic and  down to earth team,  theclass was a thought provoking challenging experiment in my quest for a better body.  I forgot to mention   the playlist consists of  Dre. Dre and Coldplay  some  pretty cool  tunes   all while  finding  your peace through strength. 

For more information on theclass click here for their site.