Jillian Michaels Launches Impact with Kmart

 Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels 

It's not everyday you get the chance to interview  fitness guru Jillian Michaels, so when the media folks at Kmart sent me an invitation to meet the petite powerhouse and take a look at her new fitness apparel line, Impact, I jumped well  actually I jumping jacked at the chance.

Impact by Jillian Michaels has Yoga Apparel

Like most of the world, I was first introduced to Jillian Michaels from the television show The Biggest Loser. Her no nonsense approach to weight loss contributed to so many inspiring body transformation season after season. Although, she is no longer with the show, many like myself are still rooting for JM.

Impact by Jillian Michaels has Running Apparel

Impact by Jillian Michaels is the everywoman's approach to performance apparel. The line is one affordable, ranging from $14.99 for the sports bras, to maxing out at $24.99 for performance bottoms.  Impact is also broken down into varying workouts; training, yoga and running as well as leisurewear.
Highlighted with functional technology including moisture wicking, anti-chafing, stretch for flexibility and comfort and reflective details, Impact by Jillian Michaels makes getting fit safe and fashionable.

Jillian and I in our blue mood

As for my interview, well I hit her with a pretty good topic about the challenges one faces as they get older.  I do have a birthday coming up and it has been a little harder to stay in shape, but Jillian was able to give some sage advice on the challenges of staying fit into our thirties,  see it below and head over to your nearest Kmart to get Impact by Jillian Michaels.