CT Style "Dress Ten Pounds Thinner" Segment

Myself and my models for my recent CT Style Segment 

I've been gone for sometime, there have been some amazing opportunities that I have started working on recently and it has really occupied my time. However, that is no excuse for me to neglect my baby, this blog which has been the catalyst of of all the blessings that have arrived at my doorstep. 

With saying, earlier this month I headed to New Haven, Connecticut for the third time to tape two fashion related segment for Connecticut Style. I am always super enthusiastic to work with the CT Style team because, they took a chance on me and have helped me make my dream come true as a certified on-air expert. What many don't know is that when I was laid off from my last conservative corporate gig, I vowed that I would really take control of my career and make my dreams  actual accomplishments. It didn't happen overnight, and actually the date we shot this segment marked six years from my last day at my media corporate position. Although the road has been very rocky, I vowed I let the world know how passion I am about being fabulous and frugal. 

"Dressing Ten Pounds Thinner" is all about creating illusions. In the video below, you will catch some of my vital tips to being Thinner by Dinner. The cool thing about this segment has to be the models. Jen, Libby and Natasha. They  were all strangers to me and  yet we worked on this segment like old girlfriends. They were amazing to  work with. Jen and Libby are part of the WTNH staff and Natasha is the creator of One Woman's  Style, a really successful blog based out of Connecticut. 

For more details on what the models wore, check out below:

Jen is wearing a blazer by Sofia by Sofia Vergara for  Kmart, a tank from Commando and a brief from Hanes. Her pants are from Slimsation.

Natasha of One Woman's Style is wearing a dress from NYDJ, her undergarments are NoNonsense Black out Tights and a Commando tank with shoes by Clark's.

Libby is wearing a dress by Cache, shoes by Nina and a brief from Hanes

My dress is from JC Penney and I am also wearing NoNonsense Black Out Opaque Tights

The mannequin is wearing Cache 

Last but not least, thanks so much to Jenise who did an amazing job on make-up!

Stay tuned for more of my segments coming your way.