Dreams do Come True In Due Time

So in my last blog post I mentioned how some amazing opportunities have started to come my way recently- can we say thank God for that.  Two years ago I reached out to the Continuing Education Department at Kingsborough Community College to teach about fashion. Then Hurricane Sandy hit and the school was shut down for some time and my grandmother got sick and after not hearing from then  I put that opportunity on the backboard and figured it would never happen. Fast forward to September of this year and while walking my mother's dog I received a phone call from Kingsborough that I would have to come to a staff meeting. I was like "Staff meeting, as in I got the job?" So, yeah I got the job or so I thought. Your class is based on enrollment and at the time I had less than five students I needed 9. Here's the thing, I don't have a lot of friends with kids but I do have a pretty good database. I shot an email out to friends, colleagues and a few bloggers and then I got an email from the Brooklyn Daily to do an interview which you can read here.

Remember how I said enrollment was at 5, well between my two classes, I have 25 students. Thanks to this article and the glory of God. I asked, he delivered and I am teaching another course and a possible additional one.

Back in 1990 a lady who lived on my block hated me. It didn't help that I said her clothes reminded me of a combination of West Indian Day Parade and Halloween.  After my Fashion Police verdict she told my mom and made a huge thing out of it but I remember her telling my mom that I would end up in the newspaper and she was not saying it in a nice way. She was right, I did get in the news and I'm teaching kids. Funny how life turns out right?