My Black Friday Black Out

This is a blog about shopping, I run a vintage clothing business but like every Black Friday pretty much since its inauguration, I have declined being part of the hysteria. Most notably for this year, I've decided to not take part of the hyper-commercialism because of the atrocity referred to as a grand jury verdict of Darren Wilson, the killer of Mike Brown.   The killing of unarmed  Black men by law enforcement  is an alarming and scary aspect.  As I think about my male  family members I live in fear that of they are doing normal things and being contributors to society  and there is still the fact that they could be annihilated because some trigger happy officer fears for his life only when the person is Black.

I am a Black woman and contrary to what many of my counterparts think, I face aspects of racism everyday. Whether its not being acknowledged in a store or being asked for additional informational to verify my identity, the list goes on and on regarding living with my skin color everyday. Even if you provide a positive aspect to society, when you are dealing with ignorance especially for individuals whom are in a temporary position of power, you are subjected to subtle if not sharp levels of racism. 

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a go to site for informative and engaging content and primarily the topics covered were lighthearted and honestly, superficial. From time to time I get so frustrated with things that I have to come here to not only blow off steam but to hopefully enlighten  my audience and educate them on the plights that affect my community that are not even a thought in other races. 

We vote everyday with our dollar. If you don't think so, just look at what type of businesses you have more than one of in your neighborhood. Whether it's coffee shops, beauty supply stores or banks, those business just don't pop up out of the blue, especially if there are a plethora  of them.  The chain of supply and demand is directly related to what customers purchase and there lies the power. 

During the Civil Rights Movement, protesters enlisted a number of varying projects to get change, Between sit-ins, protests, voter drives and boycotts the movement created a major shift in the post Jim Crow era so much that are current government state is attempting to slowly but surely reverse all of that.

I know some of you were expecting my annual list of Black Friday deals and instead you saw this, I won't apologize. Black Americans need to take heed in regards to our declining status in America. If you aren't Black you should  sympathize and be alarmed just as much regarding the growing epidemic of Black Men being killed in comparison to their White peers.  The Black Friday Black Out should be the first of many call to action plans to let our voices be heard. Black Lives Matter way more than Black Friday deals.