A Plan of Attack for Post Holiday Sales

Post holiday sales are both a gift and  a curse. Amazing markdowns promising bargains both online and in store can be very seductive and  before you know it, your pockets can be lighter than they were before the holidays. With saying, here are a few tips to take advantage of post holiday sales without going broke.

Ask Santa for some self-control
Ask yourself, would I buy this at full price? If you say no, there is a strong chance you only are attracted to it because of the discount. Pass on it.
Shop with a list
Go with a list of items you need for the home, your wardrobe and make note of upcoming events for the next 4 months. See if there are items marked down from your list.
Look for staples and wardrobe basics
Now is the time you really can update your wardrobe. Look for classics: blazers, cardigans, and especially coats. Outerwear gets steeply discounted after the holidays even though in the Northeast, we have 3-4 more months of brisk weather. 
Plan for next year’s holidays
Lights, decorations, costumes, tableware, the festive  season always comes back. Buy all of that stuff now so that you  don’t  have to purchase holiday items in October, get them now while they are slashed up to 70 sometimes 90 percent off.
Still look for gifts up into Spring  
Think ahead, for all your friends and family born January- March you can get them a wonderful gift and store it until their birthday comes up.
If you are in an established relationship don’t get caught on February 13th looking for a gift. If you have seen what your partner likes this holiday season get something that will compliment what they received now.

Hopefully, these tips will help you snag some great items and save money. Word to the wise, only shop with funds you actually have.