Auld Lang Syne

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot,
and never thought upon;
The flames of Love extinguished,
and fully past and gone:

When we opened this year I was still grieving from the loss of my grandmother and was suffering from extreme emotional  disappointment from a number of my family members. On top of that turmoil,  I was cast  in a play that at first I was extremely excited to be a part of but, for professional reasons, I'll just say it was a shit show. In the back of my mind I knew that this project wasn't for me, usually I am enthusiastic and passionate about every single opportunity big or small that I am a part of and that feeling  was not happening. When the Director fired me, I was ecstatic but I knew that wouldn't be the end of me.

After Fashion Week in February, I dived headfirst into the first Vintage Shaun Pop Up Shop. With help from family and friends, it was a success and I followed up in May with another one and again, my social network provided an enclave of support.

The Summer months were more of a struggle, with both personal and financial turmoil, I weathered the storm and with help from my college friend I contacted a television show in Connecticut and before you know it, I was booked every month to talk about the things I love the most, food, fashion and beauty.

Then Fall happened, and I channeled my inner worker bee and started working not one, not two but three jobs. I started teaching at my alma mater as well as my mother's and although those months were rough and took a toll on both my mind and body, everyday I was grateful and everyday I trekked to the end of Brooklyn, I knew there was a larger force making my life fuller and better.

The last two months of the year I worked on two really cool opportunities. The first was with Macy's, thanks to a friend I met in 9th grade homeroom. I figured she saw something in me and created an opportunity that I wrote  down but was waiting for the manifest to become part of my destiny. While the rest of the world is on physical or mental vacation I closed the last Saturday of 2014 on live television with the help of my cousin.  Now I know all that nonsense I talked about as a kid and all that paper I wrote on was really just the warm-up to a very miraculous year.

So as we head into 2015, I've spent the past six weeks on a strong plan to make my passions pay.  To turn Shop, Eat and Sleep into a force to be reckoned with and to hopefully create opportunities not just for myself but for my personal and professional network, So 2014, I bid adieu but I hold on to you for an excellent and amazing 365 days of prolific amazement.