The Car2Go Experiment

Little known fact, I've had my license for over a decade, fifteen years to be exact, however, I am not huge on driving, specifically in New York City. I mostly get to where I need to go via subway, taxi or an occasional destination via  a friend with an automobile. My lifestyle hasn't really required a car full time but, I have started to enjoy car sharing. Earlier this year, for the Vintage Shaun Pop Up Shops, Carpingo was an amazing sponsor and we were able to get to pack a store's worth of inventory in one minivan.  It worked really well and the lack of commitment was so welcoming.

I signed up for Car2Go after seeing their ads online. They were promising 30 minutes free and I also always wanted to drive a Smart Car.  This weekend, I had to run quite a few errands and the subway was not going to make it easy on me. So, I decided to give Car2Go a trial run.

First off, you have to become a member, which I did back in October. Car2Go ran my driving record, put my information on file and sent me a card which you use to lock and unlock their fleet of cars. After the membership, you have to download their App so you can locate a car within their zone. This is where it gets a little annoying, my apartment isn't in the Car2Go zone, so I would  either take a 20 minute walk, or hop on the bus for 5 minutes. I utilized my unlimited metro card. I spotted the car with ease, and was able to get behind the wheel and be on my way in less than 5 minutes after removing the emergency brake, unlocking the vehicle, taking a brief survey regarding damage and cleanliness  and adjusting the mirrors before heading out.

I headed back to my place to pick up my Mom who wanted to be a part of my experiment and also  pick up my bulky items  and we were on our way.  The Car2Go got a lot of attention from other cars and pedestrians.  Between, the logo and it being a Smart Car, people were staring in curiosity and maybe  a little amazement. We parked outside of a store and an owner actually came out to check it out.  I move quickly and  within an hour my errands were done and I decided on dropping the car off near Brooklyn Flea where my mom and I would get some vintage action and maybe grab a bite to eat. BK Flea is in the Car2Go zone so we were covered, I parked it on the street, set the  parking brake and we headed off, total trip time 82 minutes.

I would rate the overall experience a 7 out of  a 10. The 3 points off come off for not being near my apartment so the  home area was a tad to far for me.  At .41 cents per  minute and a maximum amount of $15 per hour, Car2Go is cheaper than a cab and minus the attitude. I made 3 stops altogether before the end of my trip. I do suggest  that you have your trip planned out thoroughly so you won't waste time which quickly adds up. I also suggest, you map out your route and be very familiar with alternative streets and roads regarding traffic. Also, Smart Cars don't hold a lot so a trip to pick up groceriessis great or maybe some thrifting but that's about it. We had three boxes and had utilized most of the trunk space.  It was still convenient and with my free 30 minutes, my ride was around $18 with tax.

Car2Go was fun and I would try it again and hopefully, they'll get closer to my apartment for pick up and drop off.