What Makes a Great Gift

 Gifts are always amazing but experiences are better. Friends and family will tell you I have an elephant memory, and have very detailed memories from the age of 3 and up. With saying, I remember about four gifts in my entire life. I believe my Great-Great Grandmother gave me a chair at around 4, I got a Cabbage Patch Doll when I was 5, a bike at age 9 or 10 and a  Easy Bake Oven at 11. That list may sound pretty light but, I had quite a lot of toys, books etc. as a kid and very rarely did I never get anything I wanted. This is where the gap is, having tons of materials things I can't give you a full on detail about. What I do remember are the experiences, the gifts that you could't play with or put on a shelf, those are the ones that resonate decades later.

I remember my mother taking me to see the Joffrey Ballet because Prince, who was my musical obsession from age 10-16, composed the music to their 1993 production. I remember what I wore, where we went to eat after and to this day, it was one of my most culturally fulfilling events.  My aunt took me to the circus in 1992 and Kris Kross performed, my Father took me to Brooklyn Museum and we had lunch in the cafe under the glass ceiling and I felt like a socialite and I may have been 3 or 4.  There is a list of experiences, I garnered through childhood and I hope to one day have those same memories with my own children. This post isn't a walk down memory lane, well actually it is but more there is message, especially for my readers with children. Don't heavy your heart with believing you aren't a good parent because you may be unable to fulfill everything on your  child's wishlist. This also goes for family members, times are hard and come January, depression and debt kick in and it is nothing nice. 

 My message  this holiday season and the next few days you have off is to not worry about gifts, they are great they are wonderful but the gift of time is the best gift. Call your friend and gossip about the blogs, have brunch with a loved one, gather your friend's with kids together and treat their kids to a day trip to the park. The greatest memories are not tied to things they are tied to emotions.

Happy Holidays!