CT Style Segment: Take Care of Your Clothes

If you take care of your clothes, your clothes will take care of you. I heard a wise tailor say that once and I apply that to my wardrobe. I’ve had pieces for over ten years and when items are made of good quality, they usually don’t come cheap and to justify their price point, you have to justify a cost-per wear. You also have to know how to care for your clothes and my recent segment on CT Style I was able to show viewers and chat with the show’s new co-host Ryan Kristafer on caring for the more delicate items in your closet. Most of the items you can find in your local bargain store if you don’t have it already.

Clothing Cocktail
Mix one part vodka, two parts water into a spray bottle. Spray on the inner lining of clothing that has a musty or moth ball smell and air out or steam for 15 minutes. Vodka is a natural odor eater. This is great for older clothing.

Keep Dark Denim Dark
Your favorite pair of dark denim jeans can start to fade after washes. Keep that sultry indigo shade by turning your denim inside out and washing it in a denim only wash with a cup of vinegar to stop the dye from running.

Keep the Moths Away
Lavender and mint are natural repellents for moths. You can purchase lavender oil online or at a health food store. Pour oil on old rags or a sponge and wipe dresser drawers and closets with lavender to keep bugs away.

Get the Funk out of Workout Clothes
Your workout clothes can get really smelly. After your work out, soak your clothes in cold water and one cup of baking soda, another natural odor repellent. It will fight odors until you do the actual wash.

Treat Your Intimates like a Baby
Bras, silk camisoles need a little more TLC, when washing. Items such as those should be hand washed or placed in a bowl with a capful of Baby Shampoo which is gentle enough but able to cleanse without taking out the natural oils in silks.

Shave your Sweater
You know how your sweater gets those nasty balls? Don’t pick them off, instead shave your sweater with brand new disposable shaver and work from the top to the bottom, to easily remove those nasty little balls.