Foodie Friday: Burger & Lobster

So last week I was suppose to be on a quick cleanse. No carbs, no liquor, blah, blah, blah.  I cheated, I went  to go to Burger & Lobster  and I feel no guilt. Located in Chelsea but originating  in the UK, the very limited menu which consists of burgers, lobsters or lobster rolls all with a set price of $20 seems gimmicky but  still seductive enough to garner my interest. I was craving a good burger, lobster I've had this month and lobster rolls are a food I like only in the summer months so the inner carnivore in me, was dead set on the burger.

So in a land of saturated fats and burger loving New Yorkers, what makes Burger & Lobster's so great? Well first off, it's a special blend of beef from America's heartland, Nebraska and it's a flavorful  with just the right fat to meat ratio. To compliment  the 10 oz  burger, comes a salad and fries, which are just the right portion size. With no extra charge, you can ask for your burger with bacon and cheese which is a rarity in this city.  The salad is Mesclun with a light vinaigrette that doesn't overpower your taste buds or conflict with the beef, the fries thin cut, crispy yet soft and buttery once you bite.  Final touches are the seeded bun, lettuce and tomatoes that create the full on burger experience.

What Burger &Lobster lack in variety of  entrees their cocktail menu is more in depth. I treated myself to a Bread St. Bree, a combination of vodka, St. Germain and lemon honey syrup. Strong for a mid-afternoon but, when you have a strong burger, a strong cocktail is in order, I'm such a lady. The honey lemon syrup combined with the St. Germain played off of one another making the cocktail the sweet and sour reminiscent  of candy from my childhood.

The lobster, looked great and you can get it grilled or steamed also for $20 with the same sides. It looked amazing and when I go back which will be soon, I will give it a try. For that price, you can't beat. The lobster roll, I may give a shot in the summer but I think, that's also a great price especially since Red Hook Lobster sells a roll for $16 at Brooklyn Flea. I don't mind chucking up an extra $4 for fries, a salad and a serene atmosphere, which I am always up for paying a little extra for.

Burger + Lobster is my new favorite restaurant and will probably become a favorite for you as well. Whether you're on a first date, an anniversary, your parents are in town or you want to have a down to earth lunch with your boss, Burger & Lobster will give you all of those things.  With an excellent pricepoint , menu and atmosphere, Burger & Lobster maybe the best thing to come from the UK since tea, and the Beatles.

Burger & Lobster
39 West 19th Street
Hours : Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-11PM, Friday-Saturday 11:30-12 midnight
Price: Entrees $20 Cocktails $8-$12
Twitter @LobsterNYC
Phone 646.833.7532