How to Really Get Beauty Sleep

 A majority of women and men,  prep themselves in the morning and put their  best face forward using their  best daytime  products but,  do we put the same energy into our nighttime beauty routine as we put into our daytime regime? Do you know that your beauty regime before you go to bed is more effective good or bad to your face than what you do when you wake up?  Here are a few tips about how to really get the most out of your beauty rest.

Clean Canvas
Do not, do not go to bed with the day’s dirt and cosmetics on your face. Depending upon your skin type and amount of makeup use a cleanser and or cleansing cloth that will remove all the gunk and grime. This month I’m using natural grapeseed oil to remove eye make-up,  in addition I've fallen for Dr. Murad’s Renewing Cleansing Oil as well as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser which won’t strip the moisture from your face. Cleansing clothes work wonders and Nivea’s Sensitive Cleansing Wipes are perfume free and leaves your face looking and feeling  refreshed.  Every other day, I try to do a mild exfoliation such as Biore Acne Cleansing Scrub which sort of polishes my face and leaves it nice and smooth. Weekly I suggest you do a mask or  a peel. A good masks such as Lierac Paris Radiance Mask, will tighten pores and brighten your face and a great peel will give you cell turnover such as Olay Regenerance Thermal Mini-Peel Treatment.

Moisture Top to Bottom
As we sleep, our bodies actually go into overdrive to repair the damage of the day. This is when you should use a great cream that will plump your face and add moisture to  cells. When it comes  to products you can  use a lightweight face oil such as Josie Maran’s Argan Oil or you can also go for traditional creams Artistry Time Defiance Night Recovery Crème. If you are looking for anti-aging with quick results, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum is a great investment.
This is also a great time to apply coconut oil to your feet, cuticles and ends of your hair. Coconut oil is a superfood and has amazing moisturizing properties and those parts of your body require overnight care as well.

Sweet Sheets

Do you know your pillowcase can cause more harm than good? A cotton pillowcase can be very harsh and drying on your face and your hair.  A silk pillowcase like this one from Spasilk, creates a cool no slip, no creases on your face.