The Passion of Stop & Shop

You ever see a sales circular to a store and say "This sale was created just for me?" Well, that is how I felt with Stop & Shop's most recent sale. Here's the thing, Stop & Shop hasn't been on my radar, why, I don't know, it is actually closer to my home than the other grocers that I shop at but I find myself going North of my neighborhood for things and not respecting the thrift and amazingness in the Southern part of my beautiful borough. Most of my food adventures of well priced, hard to find ingredients have taken place in Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Bay Ridge and I now I am realizing I have failed my borough, shame on me. Still I rise and hopefully, Super Stop & Shop will help me redeem myself and my borough will forgive me.

So last Friday, I ventured to Stop & Shop on Flatbush Ave because there were quite a few pantry items that I could stock up on and save at the same time.  My grocery list is usually never huge, it's only me and I plan my meals by cooking two dishes on Sunday and then keeping fresh salads as well as soups and breads in my home so, I never really let my pantry get bare, my fridge with fresh goods, now that is a different story. 

The first thing I loved about Stop & Shop was that there were carts, I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to get a shopping cart in some supermarkets that will go nameless. Here's the other perk, the aisles were wide, you can move around.  Everything on my list was there, it was there on the first day of the sale, Friday and it was there on the fifth day so they keep their shelves well stocked and they don't tease consumers with a great sale all to get you  there and have to sign up for rain checks. 

Besides my grocery list being fulfilled like a kid on Christmas Day, can we talk about the items I scored that were not on my list but were super cheap, like a whole cooked lobster for $7, yes $7. The fishmonger was great enough to give me a $2 coupon as well as a few tips on how to enjoy lobster, honey I know.  I also got a family pack of ground beef for my Baked Ziti for $8, getting meat for that price is hard to come by especially with surging food prices.  This is where things went from good to great, the Day-Old section in the Bakery one word, lawd. Never have I cried tears of joy over carbs.

The $7 Lobster thanks to the fish department at Stop & Shop

If you know anything about baked goods, you know that day-old is  just as good as freshly baked especially if you are buying things in bulk. I was able to get 11 bagels for $1.25, a small cake for $1.50, four amazing muffins for $1.25 it was like a fire sale for baked goods. This is when you know you are a real domestic and right there I realized I had become my grandmother. I was ecstatic over day old baked goods. I was so excited that I called my friends and family proclaiming my new discovery and they were intrigued as well.

Stop & Shop's day old baked goods taste just as good today. 

Stop & Shop was never a secret nor a hidden gem, I was just lacking in appreciation of this neighborhood crown jewel. Last but not least, there is a parking lot and they take double coupons, thank you Stop & Shop, thank you for fulfilling my love for supermarkets.