The Real Reason Your Manicure Doesn't Last

Maintaining your manicure is a delicate science that requires one part delicate acts of balance followed by rituals and avoidance especially in the winter. Here are a few tips to make your mani last longer than a few days.

Base is Your Friend
Contrary to popular belief, base coat is not an unnecessary step in manicures. Think of it as a primer before you apply the actual paint. Sally Hasen Complete Salon Manicure Smooth and Strong Base Coat smooths and fills in ridges making for a smoother  nail bed once you apply enamel and also hardens nails making for less breakage.

You Maybe Weak
Thin and weak nails are prone to chip easier. When I was a kid, I would soak my nails in gelatin to make them hard. Now I take a vitamin supplement that contain Biotin a mineral that is directly related with protein related extremities for Hair, Skin and Nails. Try one from Nature's Bounty to get stronger nails less susceptible to breakage.

You  are a Picker
My grandmother use to always say, "Leave your cuticles alone!" She was right, and instead she was key on keeping my nailbeds heavily moisturized. Use a balm that really seals in moisture and can last as you wash your hands often O'Keefe's Working Hands, gives you long term moisture. As part of your night routine apply a cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil which is a combination of jojoba, sweet almond and Vitamin E oil.

 Bring Your Own
If you get your manicure down in a salon, bring your own nail enamel. They may have a wide range of colors but, most of those polishes have been there a long time. Also, some salons, stretch out their nail polish with acetone and therefore you have thinner enamel which can lead to chips. Right now, I am loving  all the colors from Zoya that are paraben free.

Top, Top, Top
Of all the things you can do to keep your manicure looking great,  Top Coat is like your BFF. It seals and protects your polish lessening chips as well as keeping the polish shiny. Try to apply a light coat like OPI Top Coat everyday to really make your mani last.

Glove It
 Remember seeing your grandma wearing those gloves while doing dishes? She wasn't being glamorous, she was protecting her nails.  Washing dishes or using cleaning products will wreck your mani. If you find yourself doing cleaning around the house, throw on some gloves to avoid, wrecking your cherished nails.