Gray Gardens

At first I ignored the first one, I actually don't know when it first appeared, maybe they've  been lying dormant for years and decided to explode this year like a volcano. I'm talking about my gray hairs. Those pesky true signs of aging, that will always give away your age. I've lost count now, even though they are selectively growing in the middle of my head tucked away and only making themselves available when a part is made.

I'm freaking out, maybe because I've assumed I've been able to slow down the signs of aging. My diet, my fitness, non-stressful relationships, green tea, lots of laughter etc etc but these slithers of silver have a mind of their own. I always knew it would be inevitable, I giggled at my friends who were going gray and now here I was plucking out the ones in the front and dyeing the rest. What was a over thirty woman to do? My mother thinks the fact that they are hiding is hilarious.  My solution, is that I am going to live with it, and either use a hair rinse to coat my strands of silver or one day go full on silver fox.

Aging is unavoidable, I've come to terms but maybe I'll go bald like Amber Rose?

Readers, tell me when did you first discover your first gray hair and are your living silver or covering up. 
Takinganewpath said...

Love this, but I'm one of those ladies that love to wash that gray right out of my hair. Some women look so amazing, not me.