Jumpin' Jack Flash

Photo courtesy of Men's Fitness

I grew up pre-internet, so as a child, I played, skipped ran and jumped. My major childhood game  obsessions from age 6-13 was jump rope. I loved skipping by myself as well as playing the utmost urban girl sport, "Double Dutch" if you don't what Double Dutch is, I forgive you but click here for a reference.  At the time, jumping rope was an innocent form of entertainment, a way to pass time during the long days of Summer.  Of course being a child I was just having fun, developing my skills of jumping forward and backwards and jumping straight for one minute. Little did I know that I was getting a real workout in, developing coordination and of course burning energy. Aaah childhood, the zone of being innocently healthy and fit.

Fast forward thirty years and I'm in the gym weezing and winded trying to jump rope for thirty seconds, and boy is it hard but it is worth it. I've done a lot of workouts and diets and whenever I pull out that jump rope, I feel the same pride and joy of that little girl on Empire, playing by herself.

Jumping Rope is not just for boxers and little girls, it is a true full body workout that burns more calories in ten minutes than jogging. Unlike, major equipment such as elliptical and treadmills, jump ropes are affordable  with the most expensive around $15. Let's not forget to mention, portable.

Additional benefits of jumping rope, include increase vertical jumping ability, full body workout, builds bone density and an increase of coordination. I've currently incorporate jumping rope in my work out with breaks of strength training. Think 2 minutes jumping rope followed by 3 sets of squats. It is taken me a minute to get back into my routine, but I am hopefully getting back to that fit, fun and fabulous little girl. 
Takinganewpath said...

I loved double dutch. It was my all time favorite. I really liked having a partner, so much fun and a great work-out and didn't even know it!