A Night Out with Max Mara, The Whitney and a Great Bag

Photo Courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency 

In celebration of the reopening of the  Whitney Museum of American Art , famed Italian fashion house Max Mara and Renzo Piano Building  Workshop collaborated and created The Whitney Bag and toasted the event with a cocktail party at The Top of The Standard. 

On hand to celebrate the mighty collaborative of art, fashion and society were Candy Pratts Price of Style.com, Brand Ambassador Lauren Remington Platt, Max Mara Creative Director Ian Griffiths and a slew of creatives.  

 At the event,  the Max Mara Whitney Bag design by Renzo Piano Building Workshop was encased in glass similar to a true artifact but the classic tote structured with elements of architecture and classic lines. Made of soft, quality leather with distinctive ribbing that gradually becomes fine lines, detail that directly recalls the steel tie-beamed exterior of the new Whitney.

The bag’s metal detailing has been created using a special galvanic coating that echoes the building’s material and structural components. The buckles, inside pocket and signature snap hook have been inspired by the building’s unique fa├žade, and the bag’s contrasting-red lining was chosen to mirror the striking use of primary colors characteristic of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s designs. The limited edition specially stamped and numbered tote gives an element of true exclusivity but still  democratic as style and art truly should be.  In all, an excellent event to toast an iconic establishment of art, brands and fashion. 
Takinganewpath said...

That must have been an amazing event.