Eating Brooklyn: The Good Batch

Three years ago I discovered The Good Batch at Brooklyn Flea. The soft dutch wafer cookie known as the Stroopwafel with a thin layer of caramel sandwiching a sublime vanilla ice cream was an experience full of raging endorphins. There is nothing better than a dessert that excels  in texture and flavor and The Good Batch  delivered on that summer afternoon in 2012. Every summer after that I would chase the purveyor and hope that I would catch them anytime I attended Brooklyn Flea or their food bonanza Smorgasburg. Sometimes I missed the last one by seconds, other times I attend on the wrong day and my heart would sink like a ship. When I found out that The Good Batch opened a physical location in Clinton-Hill Brooklyn, I jumped for joy.  The tears flowed and I knew I would finally get my hands on an ice cream sandwich and then I could hide for the rest of the summer.

Here's a look at the divine Toffee and Almond sandwich which is a chewy toasted almond cookie, burnt sugar caramel, toffee candy pieces and chocolate ice cream oh and it's gluten free. All I could say is, God is good.