The Today Show and Sunglass Segment

Summer is here and everyone needs to have their stunna shades but, are you wearing the right sunglasses for your face shape? Well, yours truly did a segment on the Today Show on Wednesday and it was major! One day, I'll write about the backstage shenanigans that took place with my Mom and Jamie Foxx but, I'll save that for another day.  Still, finding the best sunglasses for your face shape, all start with you being aware of the shape of your face. Are you Round, Heart, Oval or Square?  

The best way to find out how your face shape is a drawing an outline of your face on a mirror. Also, think about the celebrity your face shape resembles, keyword face shape, not who people say you look like. Your outline, should resemble one of the four shapes and then you take it from there. 

Round Face, like Michelle Williams has fuller cheeks so you want to create angles on the face so go for a square and frame, like the AMI Clubwear and H&M ones we used in the segment. 

Heart Shape, our model Marci, actress Reese Witherspoon and anchor Natalie Morales all have the cherub faces that have pointy chins and wider foreheads but, guess what, they can do heart on heart, The aviator frame is an excellent choice for the heart face and the pairs shown in the video are from Avon and Hard Candy.

Thanassi, our male model has a square face similar to Jon Hamm and is opposite to a round face where you actually want to soften the lines and make the jaw and brow bone a little softer.  Here he wears a pair from Express and then US Polo Association.

Last, but not least the oval shape thanks to Melody, Beyonce and myself you can wear pretty much anything just keep your bone structure into proportion. Melody wore a great pair from H&M followed up by a pair from Express.

Check out the video from the Today Show here and tell me what is your face shape.