Wake Up With Al: Outdoor Workout Apparel

Last week  Wednesday morning,  I did a segment on Wake Up With Al with America's favorite  Weatherman, Al Roker. We talked about fitness apparel and accessories for outdoor workouts. The three points we strive to make were  safety, comfort and protection against the elements.   Below are the products featured and click on them to purchase. Stay tuned to more  televsion  projects coming  up in May!

Layer Up Against the Elements
·         Water and Wind Resistant jacket to brace you from the elements
·         Adjustable hood and draw cord hem help seal out drafts.

·         Omni-Freeze ZERO™ sweat-activated super cooling
·         Omni-Wick EVAP™ advanced evaporation
·         Omni-Shade™ UPF 30 sun protection
·         Antimicrobial treatment protects this product from bacterial growth

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect
     Increase your visibility increase your safety

100–200 times more visible than non-reflective clothing in low-light conditions        
  Super comfortable

 Water-resistant clip on safety light
  High visibility blinking and steady light modes to be seen from a distance
Secure clip on back easily attaches to belt, apparel, or gear

Stay Cool Stay Focused

You work up a sweat easily and raise your body temperature stay cool with:

·         The proprietary technology works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric core where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect.
·         Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF50) provides sun protection

Keeps sun out of your eyes and also absorbs perspiration

Listen To Your Tunes with Comfort 

·         Perfect workout partner
·         Stable and Comfortable Fit
·         Durable and Sweat-proof
·         Powers a week of workouts

Pound the Concrete without the Pain
Has cushioning taking you from the trail to pavement
Easy drying and cooling agent

These are great for long distance runners
Excellent traction for rain and mud
Lightweight so it won’t tire your legs

Moisture Resistance Apparel
Staying dry and comfortable while  working out is the key to having a peak workout. Look for materials that have wicking which is a fiber technology that draws sweat away  from the body to the outside of the fabric.

North Face
This lightweight, race-ready, moisture-wicking shirt with stitch-free seams and jacquard ventilation on the back provides optimum comfort on long runs.

 Bottoms that are breathable and moisture resistant and chlorine- you can work out and surf,