Getting Wiggy With Sherri Shepard


"Girlfriend-to girlfriend, you were born with the hair you've got. Now get the hair you want."
- Sherri Shepard

 I've worked in beauty and fashion for almost fifteen years and wigs, weaves, falls and extensions are a norm in this industry. However, outside of that one time a friend and I went incognito to spy on her little brother turned stripper I've never worn a wig. I've sworn up and down to everyone, that you would never catch me in a wig, -ever-ever. My opposition was merely, I didn't want to look like I was in a costume or not being my most authentic self or maybe I just feared someone would snatch it off- which is what I witnessed after a Miss Drag America competition in 2002 and it left me scared for life.

Well Sherri Shepard has me eating crow, because now I want to wear her wig collection and look sassy and sophisticated and gasp- like another version of myself. The LUXHAIR NOW  by Sherri Shepard wig collection  is giving me life.

 At a  breakfast last week, the former The View co-host and Daytime Emmy Award  Winner,  addressed a small audience of beauty editors and spoke of the multi-generational usage of wigs in her family as well as having variety for different roles you play in society, wife, mother, co-worker, social and professional, there's a wig for every part of your life and Sherri made me realize, there should be no  shame to wearing a wig.  After Sherri's comical and still moving I speech, I decided to try on one of the wigs from her collection and I was transformed.

Check me out in the Undercut Bob in F2016 $69

Blondes have more fun, because this undercut bob with caramel and blonde highlights makes me want to kick up my heels and start singing showtunes. Here's another view.

I was sold and with the goodie bag I was gifted, there were four more wigs including two new styles the Textured Pixie and the Feathered Pixie which will  be available in  November  at Sally Beauty Supply store  to go home and try on. This is me in the Feathered Pixie in Medium Dark Brown.

Feathered Pixie in Medium Dark Brown

Feathered Pixie in Platinum Blond, Auburn and Dark Brown
I loved the Feathered Pixie for the movement and shape and then I tried on the  Textured Pixie.

Textured Pixie in Golden Brown/Auburn

This one really made me look different. Color, shape and length, my hair has never been this light or short and I loved it.

side view of the Textured Pixie in Golden Brown and Auburn

Wigs are for every woman but in order to look your best in them you have to keep in mind your undertones- cool or warm, it will make your wig more flattering to your complexion. Another tip, like sunglasses be aware of your face shape.  Oval, square, round or heart whether it is a  pixie, bob or other shape, it should flatter and soften your face and not add weight or create harsh lines. Also, have your wig tailored, yes tailored as in cut to flatter your face and head. Take your wig to a hairstylist and have them trim it to give your wig more depth and shape. Last, ladies and some gents, I like to think of a wig as a little glam so you have to  beat your face and wear earrings- studs or hoops, something to frame your face.   Also sweep a little blush swipe some lipstick at minimum  to balance out your new look- you'll thank me later.

So what are you waiting for- LUXHAIR NOW by Sherri Shepard ranges from $69-$89, comes in array of varying colors and styles. is easy to care for and you can add style using heat. Sherri, you have converted me and I am loving it.  I'm excited for the launch of the Textured and Feathered  Pixie styles  coming to  Sally Beauty Supply  in November  and I can't wait  to get more wigs.