Looking Through Rose´ Wine Glasses

Croteaux Merlot 3 Rose 2014 $20

There are a number of items  that can be referred to as the  official blank  of when it comes to  summer. Sandals, ice cream, convertibles, seersucker  all represent the official clothing item,  dessert and  car of summer but, do you know that Rose wine is the official wine of summer?  Oh yes, that  Rose,  not the rapper. That light pink to almost magenta wine that looks so beautiful in a flute or glass that you would rather wear it than drink it. There are many times, I waited until dusk to place a glass next to my face to give me a more youthful look. Rose wine has a devoted and almost cult life dedication with   sales that  have increased  by  25% this year alone and in 2014,  there was an actual shortage of Rose in the Hamptons.

White Girl Rose 

This summer all should be well with Rose as social media celebrity The Fat Jewish is launching White Girl Rose and the second annual wine and food festival, La Nuit en Rose, dedicated purely to Rose wine and Rose champagne takes place later this month.

Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose $12

Surely, if you are a true Rose lover, and I say lover instead of fan, then you know that  true Rose is made not from blending white and red wines but, by crushing and macerating red grapes for a certain duration of time. The longer the skins and grapes sit, the more it goes  from blush  to a true rose color.
Martini & Rossi Rose $14

Rose is not just a wine but a way of life, La Nuit en Rose founder Pierrick Bouquet states and with that, a true Rose love embraces it as a lifestyle. If those that drink Cognac, are imagined as a bearded uncle who wears  velvet slippers then the  Rose connoisseur  is the cool well traveled cousin. It's the perfect host gift as well as great to uncork and unwind on a hot day. Getting together with friends, order a bottle of Rose. Also, Rose can be paired with a number of varying foods from shellfish to bacon, to semi-hard cheeses, because most Roses have flattering notes and leave little to no aftertaste.
VieVité Rosé from Provence, Côtes de Provence $23

If you are already of fan of Rose, you're good. If not, you need to jump on the bandwagon and stay tuned to tomorrow's post on a few Rose recipes, pairings and additional items to heighten your Rose experience.