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Me, post skincare magic

Skin has always been an  obsession of mine, from fighting acne as a teen to anti-aging remedies present day.  The thin slightly darker skin under my eyes, is just as important as my elbows as my back as my feet. Some call it obsession, I call it maintenance.

Great skin is composed of three parts:  genetics, diet/lifestyle  and products. Genetics is all about what Mom and Dad passed on to you and what their parents gave them. My grandmother Mamie, had impeccable skin, even when she was in the hospital her skin was still resilient, not one wrinkle even into her 80s. My Mom has bright skin and not a wrinkle in sight, I inherited some of that. I also have freckles, lots of them and that I didn't get from Mom, those came from Dad. They are sprinkled across my face as if I ate a bag of pennies and freckles were the result.  Getting  back to genetics, whether it's pigment, complexion, certain markings and skin types, chances are your genetic make up has everything to do with it.  Your genes are what makes you different, and guess what, there is no changing what is God's work.

After genetics, diet and lifestyle are huge factors as to the condition of your skin. A diet that consist of  mostly junk, lack of nutrients and other bad things will reflect on your skin.  Dull skin tone, sporadic breakouts are  all reflective to what you put into your body. Let's not forget booze and cigarette smoke, you can always tell the condition of a smoker's skin, and it ain't pretty. Two things I found grant me great skin, green tea and watermelon. The tea is known for its antioxidant properties, helpful to eradicate free radicals and increase cell turnover, watermelon is delicious and well enough said. Actually, watermelon is a rich source of lycopene, an anti-oxidant that prevents wrinkles and decreases sunburn.

How you often you sleep, and how well you sleep affects the condition of your skin. How often do you wash your face? How often do you wash your brushes? Hygiene goes hand and hand with your skin's appearance as well. Clogging your pores and not having enough time to rejuvenate and refresh will make you not look your best self. It's call beauty rest for a reason, get some.

Disclosure, I'm a product junkie. Give me a masks, peel, exfoliants, eye cream and I will be a guinea pig. In the past week, I have tried out a peel that made me look like swamp thing, I've shaved my entire face, done a glycolic peel at home and applied a charcoal based strip on my nose. That's just on a non-TV week.  I haven't even begun to describe my love for a new yogurt based moisturizer I'm using, a sunscreen that doesn't make me ashy.
Discovering new products is part of my job but, really, I'm curious naturally and I've always experimented, now, I know skin but I would suggest you keep some experiments on a hold especially if you are currently on medications or have skin related issues like psoriasis  or eczema.

Back to the products. My swamp thing mask is actually a Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque from Montagene Jeunesse it's like a detox for your face. To get deep, well deep into the pores on my nose I use Biore Deep Cleansing  Charcoal Pore Strips. The strips work like  a magnet and gets deep down into your pores to draw out excess oil and dirt leaving your nose smooth and blackhead free.
Swamp Thing is actually the Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque 

When it comes to day cream, I'm in love with Korres' Greek Yogurt Moisturizing Cream. My skin looks radiant every time I apply, and never do I feel dry or oily. Yogurt is a soothing remedy in all skincare and especially if you have inflammation.  At least once I week, I do a peel, to eliminate dead skin and slosh off that layer of junk from SkinSync Pro-t. The two part peel leaves my skin BLT worthy, that's short for brighten, tightened  and lightened!

Last, I shave, no not a moustache but actually shave my face. It leaves me radiant, like beaming and really all I did was exfoliate. I used an Eyebrow Razor, not a traditional blade you use on legs, but a more smaller blade which works on the curves of your face much better than a normal shaver.  I also use a very moisturizing shaving cream, because you don't want the blade to create friction and you don't want any cuts or ticks. When shaving always applying down and angled and work in small sections to and follow up with a light splash of warm water on your face and a light moisturizer. Hold off on makeup for 24 hours, so no powder, blush etc and let your inner goddess shine through.

Great skin isn't easy but it's well worth it.

Melissa Danielle said...

Yay! Someone else who shaves their face! Can you link to the razor you use to shave your face? I've been using a regular razor and would like to know about alternatives. I have to admit though that I do the bare minimum on my face -- cold water rinses, lemon/honey/cinnamon scrub/mask, shaving, shea butter and/or cocoa butter blended into olive oil. I'm working on lightening my lids with diet and a mix of lemon and potato juice.

Unknown said...

I'm so intrigued! Never heard of shaving your skin, tutorial please! I totally agree that genetics plays a huge factor. I took note of these tips as I too have a skin obsession lately especially after turning 30 this year.

Unknown said...

Hey ladies, the razor I use is an eyebrow trimmer you can get about 3 in a pack. I don't know about a shaving tutorial- LOL- I would have to get a sponsor for that!! The shaving is a great form of exfoliation!