The Only Sandal You'll Need This Summer

Finding the perfect shoe for summer is like the elusive white elephant. Finding a chic summer sandal is even more elusive. Usually, stuck with some modified version of the uber-flat flip flop or from time to time maybe an espadrille which can be tricky especially as I pound the pavement here in New York. A comfortable sandal with a slight heel that can be worn with jeans or a summer dress was all I was seeking and finally I found it, well, it found me.

Nina Shoes Victor Multi-Pink Sandal $99
 Thankfully I was gifted the Nina Shoes Victor Multi-Pink Sandal  at a press preview. The leather sandal has a stacked heel and a back zipper. The straps are just right on the ankle not tight, not loose. The straps don't leave welts on your skin and the width is perfect. This sandal makes my jean and tee shirt days look great and give my sundresses enough respect to not look like I'm half way dressed up.  I haven't mentioned comfort. You know how they talk about the 18 hour bra, well this is the 18 hour  sandal. I can wear these  all day, pound the pavement  and not come home to swollen throbbing feet. I am love with Nina Shoes, thank you, my summer will be chic and comfortable.