DIY Guide to Butter Soft Summer Skin

Like it or not, summer is the season for showing skin. Good or bad, you can't avoid it but  you  can look glowy and feel uber soft with the right stuff and guess what, super soft skin is cheap, cheaper  than most other beauty treatments because, some of the best body care products are products that are easy to find and very inexpensive.

If you are a coffee drinker, this is your chance to make your caffeine habit pay off. If you brew at home, save the grinds and place in a container and refrigerate. If you don't brew at home, the next time you make a Starbucks run ask the barista in the nicest way possible if you could get a cup of grinds. Keep your request  as simple as possible. This is not the time to ask for half chai, half vente, no soy gluten free grinds. The only request is that the grinds not be decaffeinated, grinds with caffeine  are best for this project.

For the next step you can head over to a supermarket, or discount store or a health food store.   You need to pick up brown sugar and a carrier oil, you can use olive oil, grape seed or coconut those are easily found in discount and grocery stores. A health food store will have some more exotic  options like jojoba and avocado being a personal favorite.  Also, health food stores carry essential oils but if you live in an ethnic neighborhood, you can easily find a vendor who sells fragrance oils for around five dollars. 

The  last item on your arsenal is an exfoliant tool, either a brush or exfoliant glove. You can use a face towel but, to me it doesn't do you justice.  Also, for your feet, get a pumice stone or foot brush. Again, all these items can be found in your local beauty section or beauty supply store.

Now you're ready to get home and get ready.

First up, get a small container no more than 4 oz, start small. Add half a cup of your coffee grinds and half a cup of brown sugar, and 1/4 cup of oil you may use more but go with this amount first. Add the ingredients together and mix until they are covered with oil, if they still look dry, add  a little more oil in spoonfuls. Last, add a drop or two of  your scented oil- if you want to,  personally, the scent of coffee is good enough for me.

Now that the  scrub is ready now you have to strip. Insert song, no really, put your hair in a bun and remember that body brush? Get it out, and start brushing your dry skin in the direction of your heart. Here are some areas to remember, back of your thighs, your knees, the soles of your feet and elbows. Do this for at least 5 minutes, will it hurt yes but "Did you die?'

Next up, step into a warm, not hot, shower and start wetting your skin. Get a handful of your scrub and apply it to your body except your face. Get your body brush, or glove and start scrubbing. Now get down to your feet, and pull out that pumice and start scrubbing, up and down and side to side. 

After you feel your heartbeat rise , start washing it off this may take a few minutes.  Towel dry but pat, don't dry your skin out. Now, where is that oil, you bought, get a spoonful, especially if it's coconut and start moisturizing your skin.  Let it dry for a few minutes before you get dressed- you don't want to get your clothes stained nor do you want your clothing to irritate you skin-which can happen.

You have removed dead skin, increased circulation, jump started cell turnover and now you are radiant, glowing and you are softer than a baby's bottom. People will want to touch you, do this three times a week, you'll thank me.