Solutions for Summer Beauty Issues

I was back in the CT this week with my people over at CT Style. The segment topic was hacks for summer beauty issues. Melting makeup, stinky feet and heat induced breakouts. Thanks to the CT Style team once again.

Avoiding Make-up smelt.

Aaaah, make up smelt  is sweat and melt combined  and can be one of the hugest issues about summer. Alex volunteered to be my model  for the segment and she has amazing skin, so it was easy doing her makeup. As mentioned,  one of the things to avoid is a lot of products so streamline to a multi-use product like a BB cream. With a great BB Cream you have a primer, an SPF, moisture and coverage all in one. We used one from Lumene for the segment. In addition, use products that are powder based instead of cream or liquid, they last longer- we used a great blush by Laura Geller. To avoid raccoon eyes, we went for waterproof mascara, humidity makes you eye lashes sweat as well. Last, to absorb the oils that increase during the summer, utilize blotting papers.

If you have stinky feet, a 30 minute soak of Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water will neutralize odors.

Suffering from body chafing or as we call it chub rub- dust a little cornstarch on those areas to absorb moisture and decrease friction.

Summer causes breakouts not only on the face but also the body. Use an acne wash and a body brush three times a week to treat those body breakouts.

Sunburn happens, but best way to soothe it is to take an oatmeal bath. It will sooth your raw skin. Follow the bath up with heavy moisture use coconut oil to heal your skin and decrease peeling.