How to Kill a Pimple in 3 Easy Steps

Break out, flare up, zit whatever, you want to call it, all pimples must die. Unlike moles, beauty marks or freckles there is nothing flattering about a pimple. They wreak havoc in both photos and real life and besides spinach being stuck in your teeth, it one of the biggest grooming distractions.

No matter how great your cleansing routine is, how healthy your diet a pimple can show up whenever and it is never a great time. When they do pop up  on your face here's one major tip, no matter what, never, ever pop it because one thing worse than a pimple is the ugly scar it leaves on your face when comes to an anxious pimple picker.  Instead of popping it, here are three easy steps to kill a pimple.

1. Cleanse Everything
A pimple can pop up from just about any and or anything. So besides cleansing your face, with your usual cleanser makes sure you use a clean pillow case, a clean face towel and most importantly, cleanse your cell phone. What many don't know is that your usual routine is creating those little zits. The oils and bacteria of our common used products that touch our face can be very beneficial in the birth of pimples. So besides, keeping the area at or around clean, be mindful of anything that comes close to your face.

2. Draw it Out
When I was a teenager, I read an article that toothpaste can kill a zit, so I tried it, much to my messy dismay. After toothpaste   I would  always run to a good old faithful Noxzema and up until a few years ago, I was still using good old faithful Noxzema to strangle a pimple overnight. Key word overnight, one can not run out of the house with Noxzema in broad daylight. I have recently changed up my overnight pimple killer with using clay, yes you heard me clay. Now one would think that I am fighting dirt with dirt and in a way I am. Well actually clay is not dirt it is an earth based product full of minerals that has the capability to absorb its weight. What a good clay mask can do for you if you have a massive pimple is absorb both the oils and dirt in the pimple and then replace it with minerals sort of detoxing your pimple. Since we are only working on a specific area on your face, mix 1/4 tablespoon of clay with two to three drops of water or even better Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix the ingredients until you get a paste like product and apply it just to the pimple. This is when science gets crazy. As the clay mixture begins to dry and harden, your face will actually throb. It will feel like your pimple is dying.  I've kept it on overnight and woke to a pimple reduced in size by at least 50%. The only thing, because of the aggressive detox of the clay, the skin may become very sensitive. When you go to cleanse the area, douse it with water and slowly remove the clay.

3. Spot Treatment
Treating a pimple isn't just an overnight thing. It's all encompassing and done both day and night. This is when spot treatment comes in. Spot treatment are clear, easy to apply and gel like medications that absorb into the skin but treats the pimple at the same time. In earlier days I used Clinique Spot Treatment, followed by RX For Brown Skin which I still use to this day. A good spot treatment will silently kill a pimple in broad daylight and go undetected.

As I type this I feel a slight break out coming along.I'm okay, I have three steps to make sure this pimple won't even break dawn.