A Tale of Three Bridal Designers

Photos courtesy of Thanassi Karageorgious www.naskaras.com

If you are a native New Yorker or a die hard viewer of TLC’s Say Yes to The Dress, then you are probably aware of Kleinfeld Bridal, a cornerstone in the bridal industry.  Now what you may not know, is that the bridal industry has their very own Fashion Week that takes place twice a year, in October and April. Unlike the official NY Fashion Week  which takes place in September and February,   there are no street style stars  peacocking outside the venues and  no major celebrity front row appearances, Bridal week is really all about the Benjamins.  Primarily it's a trade only offering with the goal to  make every woman of any race or size as long as they have the cash, to be stars on their own magical day and Kleinfeld  Bridal is the manufacturer of those dreams.

Kleinfeld Bridal carries an array of notable designers but,  Dennis Basso, Pnina Tornai and Mark Zunino are designers exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal and for the past few years, the Chelsea boutique has hosted this trio of bridal gowns for editors and wedding bloggers to view.   Spread out during Bridal Week, I was able to get a preview of their Spring 2016 collections.

When I think of the designer Dennis Basso I think opulent, Park Avenue old money and Mr. Basso’s collection for spring 2016 reflects the modern-day cool calm and traditional bride. Classic necklines, traditional beading and very forgiving silhouettes give every bride their very own attempt to recreate Breakfast at Tiffany’s on their wedding day.

Dennis Basso Spring 2016 

Where Dennis Basso is the arch-type Park Avenue bride, designer Pnina Tornai’s gowns are for the over the top sexy bride. Plunging necklines, lots of sheer, super short and slightly revealing, Tornai is a couturier with major corseting and fabrics with an ode to decadence, the minimalist bride is truly not the Pnina Tornai customer. Yet, this collection entitled Wind upon Water took a step back in overt sexy and was decidedly more romantic, a little more covered up with just a flash of rebellious.

Pnina Tornai Spring 2016 

To finalize this trifecta, Mark Zunino’s collection was part abstract Oriental water color mixed with graphic contemporary black and white elegance. Zunino’s gowns are for the fashion loving bride who loves to have a great all eyes on me reflect in my amazing taste moment. From the detachable trains and skirts   and the painted on prints, Zunino’s show added a very wearable edge and a well arrived aesthetic to neo-bridal fashion.

Mark Zunino Spring 2016 

All Images provided by Thanassi Karageorgiou