Adjusting Your Beauty Routine for Fall

Arid air, low humidity and a major drop in temperatures can all lead to creating some sort of havoc to your body, hair and face. Well guess what- it’s about 300 days until summer so you better get used to it. Follow these tips and you’ll do well and feel great as well.

Layer Your Moisture

The lightweight moisturizer you used in the warmer months may have given you an amazing glow but when it comes to colder months and handling this seasonal transition, you will have to layer your moisturizer either during your shower as well as post shower. One way is to apply natural oils like coconut or avocado to the skin before showering. Also, look for shower gels and or soaps as well as shaving creams that have added moisturizing ingredients or moisture retaining ingredients such as Shea Butter and olive oil.

Also post shower, use a heavier lotion one that says body butter. In addition, layer cocoa or shea butter on top of your skin after applying your first topical moisturizer to seal in and add to the initial moisturizer.


The days may get shorter and it may get darker earlier but that doesn’t mean you should not keep up a routine of sunblock. Actually, during days of snowfall, the sun can reflect and still create damage- have you ever seen Olympic skiers with their windburn?  Therefore maintain a regimen that includes an SPF on all exposed areas even in the colder months.


Baby soft skin isn’t just sexy, it is a necessity to increase cell turnover as well as make your skin healthier for retaining moisture. The best exfoliates are derived from coarse sugar, salt,  or coffee. The small beads are bad for the environment and aren’t as effective as the abrasives mentioned before. Exfoliation is an excellent habit as you wear clothing that can create small bumps on the skin as well as rob the ski of  its natural moisture. A weekly exfoliation at the least, will increase circulation and make skin look less dull as well as stimulate from the outside in.

Shorten Your Shower Times

Who doesn’t love a long and luxurious shower but guess what, that hot water is causing havoc especially to your feet and hands by again stripping the body of its natural oils. Keep your showers short- an average size person can hit all the right parts more than once in under 7 minutes. You will not only save the environment but also your skin.


Just like we mentioned to add moisture to your skin before showering, add moisture to your hair before washing. Pre- poo is the art of applying a super moisturizing agent before shampooing. A pre vious step to sham-pooing your hair. Pre-poo actually preserves the hair’s natural oils and makes shampooing less harsh on your locs.