Fergie and Avon Chat Beauty for a Purpose

In its 130 year history Avon,  has always been a brand known for educating, employing and empowering women.  That’s why this past Monday, Avon invited  a number of beauty insiders for a preview of pop sensation Fergie’s new fragrance Outspoken Party* as well as grab some insight and knowledge on Breast Cancer and the entrepreneurial pursuits of Avon Representatives.

Fergie is demure, divine and delightful in person. The bad ass performer was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was Mom who went on lovely tangents about her son and his first discovery of fragrance, the daughter of a two time cancer survivor who was into farm to table way before it became a trend. It was Fergie’s childhood memory of her dad growing fruits specifically raspberries, that influenced Outspoken Party, her fifth fragrance with Avon in as many years.

In addition to chatting with   Fergie, Avon switched to an educational tone when renowned cancer expert, Dr. Paul Goss spoke of his mission to improving survival rates of cancer patients worldwide especially in under-served parts of the world. Dr. Goss’s words were so enlightening I sent  my mother a text  so she can get a check-up. As Avon being a leading company tailored to women’s needs, Avon is leading in strides with the  Avon Breast Cancer Crusade launched in 1992, as a leading foundation for the treatment of patients and survivors.
Closing out the panel were three of Avon’s top sellers in the US and they spoke on new beginnings after corporate downsizing, generational entrepreneurship and work flexibility. 

As I write this, I’m nuzzling my wrist into my nose to appreciate Outspoken Party, listening to Glamorous Life by Fergie and telling all my friends  and family members  to honor  Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks Avon, your platform Beauty for a Purpose was more than just a fancy party it was an eye-opener  on health, inner beauty and resilience. Check out the panel here on Livestream and get to know Fergie, Dr. Goss and the amazing Avon Reps. 

*Avon will donate $5 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade with every Outspoken by Fergie purchase.