Lessons on Staying Chic As It Gets Colder

Image courtesy of Ann Taylor 

There is nothing we can do or change, we all  must just accept that Fall is here and Summer is gone. So what better way to accept the change of seasons than to be stylish in these months that end in -er which rhymes with brrr. Here are my thoughts on staying chic and sophisticated while the temperature drops. 

You cannot trick Mother Nature
 If you wear a white linen bikini and it’s 2 degrees outdoors, you are not setting a trend, you are setting yourself up for hypothermia. No person has the ability to change the weather due to their refusal to understand their environment. With saying, it is always better to look like you are chic for the weather rather than a shrieking because of the weather.

Invest in your Cold weather wardrobe
Summer clothes I can go fast fashion for all the way but, when it comes to my Fall/Winter wardrobe I look for higher quality pieces. Here’s the thing, don’t think high quality means high cost. Major retailers do have well cut, well draped and good fabric and fabric blends for Fall Winter at excellent prices. So go  for your woolens, silk knits and cashmere as we come into this season. They last longer and create a more sophisticated put together look.

Color is not just for June, July and August 
 Do not be afraid to mix and match the colors. Fall is colorful in itself.  Yes dark colors are less noticeable to dirt but there are more dark colors than just black. Navy, charcoal, burgundy and olive are darker versions of pop colors- you can look amazing in those and not look like you are resurrecting Goth Chic. Even better, if your funds allow, go with one traditionally darker  jacket or boots and play with the possibility of a yellow winter coat or purple boots. Color is therapeutic and can uplift a funky mood in seconds, try it- you may brighten your day and someone else’s.

 Layer, the right way 
See all of those sleeveless jackets and you are puzzled as to how to wear them- well hello this is time to do so. You can add some glam, some comfy or some rocker to a sleeveless jacket with a sequin blazer, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. That is layering done right. Also, there is a difference between layered and bulking up. Avoid outing things that add weight on to you, instead layer with a light and easy amount of pieces that compliment each other. Think light weight knits, skinny blazers.

Always be Groomed 
 Looking like a slob is a choice, you can appear well put together by spending an extra few minutes of tucking your shirt in or steaming your jacket. If you have the clothing, you have the time.