The Politics of Fragrance

Fragrance is a delicate expression of your most primal sensory. It can be repulsive and seductive depending upon the person.  Many people are more loyal in their fragrance selection than in their personal lives. Fragrance can leave lingering memories good and bad that can illicit and stir varying emotions.  For example, my dad wore Christian Dior Fahrenheit throughout my childhood; to me the scent reminds me of a man who is damn near flammable with the amount he  would spray on himself. My father  would spray so much, the dogs would sneeze. So it always left me with a headache, first thing in the morning. My mother likes light florals and sometimes a little wood, I remember Perry Ellis 360 as well as Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. My grandmother, she was old school she liked big robust scents, I don’t know who influenced who but, a number of both my fragrance collection and hers started to overlap. Between Annik Goutal’s Gardenia and Gucci Rush, sometimes I didn’t know if I smelled myself or my grandmother.

I know many people who don’t exactly know their fragrance personality. They buy either what is cool or the classics because it sounds cool. I know so many people that love Chanel No 5 because it sounds sophisticated and posh and who doesn’t like to sound sophisticated and posh so even if they have no idea what a top note is or a middle note, they will purchase said fragrance and never have an emotional attachment to it.

Long ago fragrance came in three variations, eau de toilette, parfum and perfume. Eau de toilette, translated from French as toilet water is the least concentrate of a fragrance formula usually more alcohol and lower concentration of the signature scent followed by parfum, slightly stronger and perfume having the most pure form of a scent. EDTs make me sneeze like a lunatic and the alcohol also induces a slight flare up on my skin it also fades quickly and you have to use more products to retain on your person.

Currently, I vary from scents depending upon the day but, I am never without fragrance. I have some classics, Marc Jacobs- a sultry combination of gardenia and jasmine, followed by some true throwbacks, Gucci Rush, Blush another Marc Jacobs scent this time an ode to jasmine and recently Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia which in industry terms is all about luxury and the BWF- Big White Floral. Jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle and tuberose are strong very robust floral scents that can either remind someone of an elegant bouquet of flowers or an old lady who make you sneeze. For me it defines strength, femininity and glamour. I can be your old lady or your flirty femme; I know a great fragrance is all on the person.