What to do When Your Favorite Beauty Product is Discontinued

Kiehl’s has done it to me the most not once but twice. First it was the Repairer Deep Mask- then the Gardenia Body Lotion and even after hoarding it, I feel hurt slightly defeated. So what do you do when your favorite beauty product goes to that discounted bin in the sky? Here are a few tips and tricks for getting on with your life when your favorite lipstick, fragrance etc. gets put to sleep.

1.    Make sure it’s not a rumor
Confirm with the brand by wither visiting a store or counter in the department store or also contact the brand via their customer service email or hotline. Sometimes brands will halt the discounting process once they receive a huge amount of customer backlash.

2.    Start Hoarding
If you hear that a favorite product is being discounted try to stock up on it for at least a year and store it appropriately- cool dry place or even refrigerate if need be.

3.     Go online and do your research
There is a huge online presence dedicated to the selling of discontinued products. Whether its sites as eBay, DiscountinedBeauty.com or Overstock.com the web presence is crazy and  that  includes specific brands like  Chanel and Nars that have a tab just for  discontinued products on their site. Just make sure you watch out for expiration dates.

4.       Get it made
Besides sites that handle discontinued products there are also sites that will actually craft your favorite lip color and or fragrance. For those that have a fave fragrance that is currently RIP- Fragrance.net will actually recreate that scent for you. If you have a lipstick you love- Bitebeauty will recreate the shade with your own personal twist.

5.            Has it been renamed?
Here is an industry secret especially for lipsticks etc.- sometimes a brand merely renames it. Ask your counter rep what is the closest shade to your fave color and see what they tell you.