Why You Need a Professional Facial

If you read the blog you know I am team DIY with the exception of  a few things; ie. Waxing, hair coloring, root canals etc. and with advancements in skincare, there are many things you can do at home such as  peels and microdermabrasion but, even with all the at home use skincare products, I still think you need to get a professional facial.

I know you are saying- I can just do a mask at home blah blah isn’t it the same thing? No, it isn’t and if I was an older Southern grandmother I would leave it at and you would just sit there and accept it- right. I’m not, what I will tell you after my most recent visit to Ling Spa- facials should become a methodic process in your beauty regime.

Spa Week right after Restaurant Week and Fashion Week is my most wonderful time of the year. For fifty bucks you can get an amazing beauty treatment at a number of spas around the country. So I went with a facial because my nose was full of blackheads and I couldn’t shake this roughness on my cheeks. All the scrubs and masks in my bathroom wouldn’t fix my problem. I also visited Ling in the past and had great results. You can read about it here. With three locations in Manhattan, founder Ling Chan a Hong Kong immigrant with a huge celebrity following, blends Asian beauty principles as well as holistic wellness in achieving amazing skincare results.

Initially, my appointment was for a charcoal and papaya enzyme peel facial. Charcoal a major detoxifying ingredient in skincare and papaya enzyme can be used as a lightweight peel to increase cell turnover and remove dead skin but I need more, I know my skin needed a major sanitation so I added on the Triple Peel a glycolic peel, papaya enzyme and an acid-free peel.   Stephanie, my specialist went to work with cleansing followed by the steam machine which softens and opens pores and massaged my jawline and face to increase circulation and to relax me. Then she assessed my skin- I ‘m dry around my nose- I wipe it about 40 times a day, my brow is dry as well- I try to hydrate those areas well. Then the extractions began, some may consider this slight torture, I like to think of it as a sadistic way to look beautiful. One by one Stephanie got the gunk out my trouble areas and helped my sinuses as well.

The results were amazing; it was the closest I will ever feel like BeyoncĂ© and I are connected. I looked poreless, I was glowing and honestly, I looked better than my teenage self. So if you haven’t gotten it by now, a professional facial is a must because esthetician can access your skin’s needs as well as warn and inspect for any issues. Also, can you honestly inflict any real form of pain on your face and wall away looking better from it? So do yourself a favor and get some extractions and device a plan to want to not wear make up for a couple of days.