An Ode to Opaque Tights

Come Fall,  I look forward to opening my coat closet and topping off my outfit with an amazing piece of outerwear, rocking my collection of fun and sexy boots, and of course covering my legs and or feet with hosiery. Most often, if I wear a dress or skirt, I will wear a pair of tights but a recent article in The Guardian has sighted hosiery wearers like myself as lacking sophistication and all sorts of other un-stylish ills.

I live in Brooklyn, I don’t have a car, I have common sense, and therefore I wear tights. I get cold, any body part that is left bare beginning at or around this time of year can often look ashen and out of place while riding the train and I have nice legs. I see women who are bare legged, who defy the change of weather and in an act of defiance they forgo the forecast and attempt to channel an endless life of dressing for late spring. I don’t envy those women, I feel bad for their dry legs that the arid wind is whipping against. Style is about understanding and dressing for your surroundings, a sunny day in December is not the same as a sunny day in June. Everyone has their own personal style but, wearing a cashmere coat with summer sandals just means you have no clue or a rather limited style vision.

To those that hate wearing hosiery, it’s okay, you have an unlimited Uber budget-I hope, but, if you are bare legged having and  sugar based drinks with your friends at a mall based chain restaurant-pause in my best Evelyn Lozada voice “You’re not bought that life!” If you ride public transportation and you’re teeth are chattering at the peak of the day, fighting Mother Nature is not a good look.

When I discuss hosiery I’m not talking about baggy stockings that leave ripples at your ankle and snag when the wind blows. Hosiery to me has always been not only about function but, grooming as well as another extension of your personal style. You don’t have to look like a majorette on a drumline or the lost member of Dance Off, tights, hosiery can be fun and of course super duper fashionable. Brands such as Hue, Wolford, and numerous indie brands have fun and amazing hosiery that screams fashionable and fun rather than bag and saggy. Also, be aware that tights are not leggings and be commited to correct sizing for tights. Do not lie to yourself, and be comfortable and whatever you do be yourself and be comfortable, pale ashen legs that are cold are never cute.