Five Steps to Fight Dry Skin

Even with seasonally warm temperatures, it is December here in New York. I will  be the first to tell you that the weather  is the least of my favorite of the seasons. Dry air and low humidity are factors that lead to skin that is hard, scaly,  thirsty for hydration and a list of other beauty issues. So how do I keep my skin as moisturized as possible- here s my five  step plan to keep my  skin quenched.

3-4 times a week, I place organic coconut oil on my body and let it sit for about 3-4 minutes and then I use  a body brush and start working the brush on my body with the oil still on me. I then step into the shower and use a moisturizing shower cream  like  this one from Sothy’s to remove the leftover oil but keep  the  moisture within.  I try to keep my shower to about 7 minutes max, long showers  will also dry your skin out.

The Dry Off
My towels are fluffy and I pat myself dry. No invigorating rubbing , just a good pat, with skin still slightly damp but no soaking wet.

Moisturize Step 1
I am in love with Avocado Oil for my body.  It is extremely hydrating and dries very quickly and leaves my skin feeling supple and soft. It also has very little to no scent unlike coconut which I am not a huge fan of smelling like all day. I discovered avocado oil about five years ago and have used it mostly for body and from time to time my hair- usually as a pre-shampoo treatment.  It is but a tad to heavy for my hair on a daily basis. With high levels of Vitamin E  and antioxidants, Avocado oil penetrates the skin almost immediately and  decreases the appearance of age spots.

Moisturize Step 2
Once I let the avocado oil absorb- which is about 1 minute, I seal in that moisture with a body butter-clothing is also a major robber of moisture. Wools especially can easily zap your skin’s hydration from 0 to 100 real quick.

Throw It In The Bag 
Once you hit the outdoors that air will zap your moisture. Make sure you carry a travel size lotion,  and your lip balm to keep your extremities moisturized throughout  the day.