Nine Tips to Getting Closer to Your Goals

Greetings, readers it’s 2016 and if it’s anything like 2015, I’m all for it. I wasn’t here for you during December; I was overrun with many commitments and little time to blog.  I worked on some amazing things and hope that you are following me on Twitter and Instagram @ShopEatandSleep to see just how amazing things are going.

I’m working towards an exciting and enriching year both professionally and personally. In 2014, I set my goal list to do a segment at least once a month,  in 2015 and I was able to fulfill that 9 times and  overall, most months I did 2 sometimes 3 segments which was  amazing.  I also, tinkered with getting back into styling and in December, I worked with a Grammy award winning artist.   As I was setting up my goal list back in November 2015, and analyzed the last few years of getting on target mostly professionally, I wanted to share a few tips for getting closer to your goals. I hope you can apply these as you see fit and turn heads and do dope stuff in 2016.

1.            Educate yourself
No matter what your goal is, you should be fully knowledge of it. Whether you want to start a business, get fit or anything in between, you have to really become fully aware of it.  Take a class, check books out of the library or attend a conference, fully emerging yourself in the education process of your goals is the best way to get closer to them.

2.            Setting deadlines
Calendars are not just to see what day things fall on, a calendar both traditional as well as digital helps to prep you to set a specific date and or reminder to getting closer to your goals.  Breaking your goals up into daily, weekly, monthly dates shows your progress as well as a clear concept with timelines that will truly make you conquer your goals.

3.            Small steps add up
Every time you do something successful towards your goal it leads you closer to accomplishing it. So whether it is registering for a class, sending out just one email each step no matter how small you may think it is will lead you closer to the overall accomplishment.

4.            Sh*t Happens
Life and all the complexities with it are notorious for getting in the way of your goals but how you handle it and circumvent around it, truly leads to progress. Bouncing back from hardships both personally and professionally are some of the most admirable traits in successful people.

5.            Support Others
I am lucky, I have a wealth of very supportive friends and family. Not many are that fortunate but, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support. Whether it is reposting a friend’s accomplishment on social media, buying someone’s book, making time for the success of those near to you or those you admire will rub off on you and your blessings will tenfold.

6.            Ask for it
The percentages of people who really are thoughtful are slim. If you think someone is sitting in their office saying “I can’t wait to give person X one million dollars to get to their goal.” With saying, you have to ask for it, key word ask, not demand. So if a role, position etc. looks of interest to you, contact a point person(s) who may give you a jump on the situation. The old saying goes Ask and you shall receive, it works still.

7.            Nothing wrong with telling the right people
Sometimes I read social media and people say don’t let anyone know what you’re working on and I totally disagree. Not everyone needs to know the blueprint to your life but discussing passions, interests and goals can many times put you in the circle of someone who can possibly be of assistance. 

8.            There will never be a  perfect time
No matter what, there is no perfect time to work on your goals. You will never be at 100% when an opportunity comes to you. You will reach 100% when you accomplish your goal but sometimes mostly you will walk into the environment above average and because you’ve applied some of the previous principles you will come full circle.

9.            Stop making excuses
This should go along with number 8. Whether you are waiting to have kids, the kids to go to school, the kids to graduate from school, the kids to get jobs after school, their kids to get settled into school, your excuses are holding you back. Now, there is one thing to live in delusion, there is another to fall back on circumstances rather than grab your goal by the ear. You don’t want to be old full of regrets.

It’s your choice to utilize any or all of these principles but take them into account and see how it goes, one thing for sure, being better and being focused will always do more good than bad.