Winning the War Against Winter Skin

Between indoor heat and outdoor winds, along with low humidity, the winter weather can truly create havoc on your skin. Parts of your body can become dry and crackly and make you feel horrible as well as can be painful.

One of the most effective beauty routines I have incorporated into my lifestyle is oiling my body before I shower. I know you're like huh- but, that along with dry brushing and a moisturizing shower gel followed by more body oil - I promise it won't make you slip and slide but it will make you smooth all over.

First I start off with good old fashion coconut oil but I'm also loving avocado oil which absorbs easily, and  which I rub on my body especially the rough spots, elbows, knees and also uugh- the back of my thighs. I let it sit for a few minutes so, I will pluck my brows or brush my teeth, also to not create a mess around the house, stay in the bathroom.

Next step, dry brush. Yes, good old fashion dry brushing, make sure you hit  those rough parts and brush towards your heart. You will increase circulation as well as get the dead skin cells off your body.

Now what I like to do is squeeze a moisturizing shower gel such as  Olay Ultra Moisture Cleansing Body Wash  on a shower  cloth and lather up. When I really want to get super soft, twice a week, I ante up the exfoliation with a body scrub. One of the best C.O. Bigelow Lemon Sugar Scrub which also brightens the skin, with the lemon.

Last step after  lightly patting your skin with a towel, I use a heavy  moisturizer, right now I'm loving Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex Body Lotion. It's key ingredients increase elasticity and leaves skin super supple.

Winter can be brutal on your skin but, if you try this routine just once, you are going to rejuvenate your body and get baby soft.