Boost Your Winter Wardrobe With Clearance Sales

Everyone says to shop the day after Christmas-wrong! I tell people the best time to shop is a month and longer after Christmas-everything is marked down considerably, items are rare so if they don’t have your size it wasn’t meant to be. However, if you do find something amazing, get it but only get it if you can afford it, and it fits. I mean fits now, because you have to wear it now and not next year or when you lose 20 pounds or whatever.

Shopping these massive winter discounts can really add great quality to your wardrobe. Coats, sweaters and boots are the best pieces to purchase now and with our very warm December, most stores are slashing prices even more. Here’s the best advice, don’t get stuck on the bleakness of winter and the fact you are still wearing winter clothes, there is nothing you can do about that unless you relocate to Miami.

Maybe, you are tired of the same fugly sweater in gray or black, guess what,  those colors sold out months ago. What’s left are the brights, the bolds the magentas and lime greens, if it is flattering to your skin tone, go for it. Color will impact your mood quickly.  Your daily outerwear uniform is more than likely a black coat but now that crimson swing has caught your eye and it is cheaper than you thought. You have the money, go for it. If you see comfy boots in black, brown or navy, and they fit, go for it.

Post winter sales are not for the delirious shopaholic, I’ll admit I’m on the spectrum, I will purchase something cheap and stylish but I must be able to wear it the next day. What separates shopaholics from frugalistas is that a shopaholic will have no need and will never wear a piece, they buy to buy, a frugalista buys to wear.

You only have a few days left to truly appreciate these sales. So view your account balance and head over to your favorite clearance section.
Denim Jeans Online said...

There are great sales going online this months, Grabs no. of deals using coupons and discount codes. Now just online waiting for the delivery boy with packages :)