Why Massages are Necessary for Your Health

Unlike manicures and blowouts which are deemed to be  necessities, massages are considered to be a luxury that are decadent and budget busting. When I was 18, I took a chance and decided to get a massage,  I didn't tell anyone, for fear my family would judge me but I was working in retail and going to art school and my back was aching. I saw a sign for a massage at a tanning salon across the street from my then retail job and walked in and booked an appointment for a few days later. Tension had settled in my shoulders and calves and I slept horribly. My therapist was able to knead out the knots and release all the tension that had settled in key areas. I was addicted and it was my secret. Fast forward to a few years later and I have opened both of my parents to the beauty of massage. My mother loves it and can't believe she's spent so many years not treating herself to what she now deems as a wellness necessity.  Massage is such a part of my lifestyle I included it into Vintage Shaun Pop Ups.  I've had Thai massages, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Swedish and they all have great benefits it just depends upon what your body needs and how  you can handle pressure. If you are new to the benefits of massage, here are a few tips so you can have the best results.

Timing is Everything (Ladies)
Like waxing, depending upon the time of the month, the benefits of a massage can be affected by your cycle. I suggest, you go after your period when bloating and sensitive breast have gone down and or mid cycle when hormone levels are lower than usual and your body is less sensitive.

Never Go Once In a Lifetime
For your body to get the best and long term affects of massage therapy, you have to go at least once a month. I currently, try to go twice a month. Think of it as a tune up for your body especially if you are very physically active or work in a high stress environment. The benefits of massage will become a necessity to your body.

Speak Up 
Before a massage, I tell my masseuse where I have the most tension as I would like for them to work on those areas more. Also, I tell them the type of pressure I prefer usually deep in the tense areas and medium in the areas not as stressed.  Letting your masseuse know beforehand will give them a better understanding of how to manage the experience and what issues your body has.

Best of Everything
Massage increases circulation, helping the body to release toxins and release endorphins so that you can be more productive and sleep better. I have found that massages decrease my headaches make me less opportune to injury and aware of my body.

Nothing to be Embarrassed About
Flatulence, moaning, erection or stomach noises are  all natural aspects of massage as the body release dozens of different chemicals that create these normal functions. Your body is being put  into a rigorousness process, natural things happen don't feel bad.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
With the manipulation of hardened muscles, during a massage your body releases lactic acid among other chemicals so post massage, help to flush those toxins out of your system with lots of water. I like to bring a 24 oz bottle of water and also grab a cup of green tea to help flush everything out.

Maximum Post Relaxation
After a massage, you catch me back home either in my tub or my couch. I can't head out after and deal with the hustle and bustle which creates more tension on my body. After a relaxing massage, I prescribe myself more relaxation.