Getting The Perfect Smile

So what celebrity's smile do you covet the most? Is it Anne Hathaway's just the right combination of wide yet symmetrical?

Hair, face, butt, no I worry about my smile. I've started to think about possibly going through what would be my third shot at orthodontics. My entire high school era, I had traditional metal braces- even prom. I was a typical brace face, then in my late twenties, I got a retainer that is very complicated to remember to wear and can be very very unsexy. Now, I'm thinking about Invisalign which is perfect for the commitment phobe that I am. I think of Invisalign as the sexier, more mysterious cousin to  traditional metal orthodontics. A sophisticated and adult like approach to getting an award winning smile.
I've also flirted with the possibility of  cosmetic dentistry and screw the painstaking follow up appointments of orthodontics.  New York based cosmetic dentist Dr.  Timothy Chase  DMD of SmilesNY handles many famous celebrity smiles and honestly I'm thinking of a little quicker picker upper  as a way to get my teeth finally perfect. Should I  get some veneers?  But  how to do I avoid looking like  I'm Mr. Ed.  Should I  laser my gums because, I honestly, I am quite gummy in my smile and of course whiten but, whiten to the point where it is blinding or just enough to create envy.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio's perfectly imperfect everyday bro grill give you a more realistic but still healthy approach?

Or do we love Jennifer Lawrence's perfectly straight and very white smile?

Orthodontics are nothing to leave to middle schoolers and cosmetic dentistry is nothing to leave to the rich and famous but basic hygiene is a must to protect your teeth. What better way to make oral hygiene- fun but  with Boka, an innovative and subscription based natural oral care company. Yes, subscription based but specifically for your smile and with natural based products.
Your kit arrives every three months- with new beeswax dental floss, charcoal activated toothbrushes and a new cocorinse for oil pulling.

Healthy teeth speaks volumes and whether you want to straighten, brighten or manage and maintain, a great smile open doors and boost self esteem.