Let's Talk Live Segment on Spring Rain Fashion

I had a blast yesterday doing a segment on Spring Rain Fashion  for  WJLA's Lets Talk Live a lifestyle show that covers the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Who wants to look like a wet sewer rat during the wet Spring months- not I- which is why I was able to find the best products to let you look fashionable but still provide function on rainy days.

We kicked off the segment with Monique the Mannequin who wore the Hooded Coastal Rain Parka from Land's End and the Lacey Rain boot from Bernardo. The rain parka is a great floral print and has sealed seams so you will never get soaking wet. The boots are rubber with a traction making it slip proof.

What's a rainy day with out rain boots. From the traditional rain boot from Land's End which has a padded insole and is PVC free, there is also the original duck boot from Khombu and for the rustic more rural guy, LL Bean has the Men's Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Boot super durable and light as a feather. For the I'm way to chic for rain, there was the Delman Luxury Rain Boot  that looks more like a patent leather bootie to worn on a night on the town than during a storm.

Protect your blow-out with the Gortex Field Hat, in the traffic stopping orange, you will never be missed. If you are more subdued go with the bucket hat from Pelcor made of  sustainable cork materials.

Don't let your personal items ever get soaked again, the Hunter Tote is sturdy and water resistant and has a military  inspired design. If you still want to carry your favorite designer purse, make sure you carry your bag protector from Gussy. Never ever let your phone get ruined, the TPU Waterproof case is excellent not only on rainy days but also water parks or kayaking.

Keep track of time and look stellar with watches from Seiko that are water resistant and can be submerged in almost 10 meters of water.

Last but not least, stay dry under your Umbrella-ella ella with the eco-friendly  Pelcor umbrella which uses the bark of a cork tree and  is the only tree able to regenerate its bark making it sustainable.  Never lose your umbrella again with the Davek Smart, the world's first smart umbrella. Utilizing, an app, if you get more than 30 feet away from Davek, it will alert you- no more ghost umbrellas ever again.

Thanks again to all the brands that worked on this segment and remember be chic and stay dry.

Hood Coastal Rain Parka from  Land's End  $109
Lacey Rainboot $155

Traditional Rain boots from Land's End  $49-$99
Low cut duck boot  from Khombu $95
Men's Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Boot LL Bean $99
Luxury Rain Boot Delman  $129

Gortex Field Hat $49
Cork Bucket Hat $43

Hunter Tote $39
Bag Protector from the Gussy  $20

TPU Waterproof Case $29

Water Resistant watches Seiko $175-$495

Large Cork Umbrella $148

Davek Alert Smart Umbrella  $99

CorkStyle said...

Great to see CORK touted on your broadcast. Pelcor can be bought in US. Go to www.etsy.com/shop/CorkStyle