Smell Your Best on National Fragrance Day

March 21st is National Fragrance Day and this morning I was able to celebrate it at the 42nd Annual Macy's Flower Show at their Herald's Square store.  This year's theme "America the Beautiful."
The commercial fragrance  is a billion dollar industry and the  import and export of flowers and flora specific to fragrance is a massive global market.  This year, Macy's  partnered with the Fragrance Foundation for their Macy's Scent Event and and had in store a number of internationally known perfumers who have worked on such classic scents as Ralph Lauren Romance, John Varvatos and newer fragrances like Giorgio Armani Si.
 If you really want to celebrate National Fragrance Day, you can head over to your local Macy's and stop by one of their counters to purchase one of the many fragrances for both men and women. Give this holiday your all and see some of the newer fragrances on the market.

Ari by Ariana Grande 

 Ari  by Ariana Grande is an eau de parfum that is a luscious and sexy scent. If you are a little more sultry Katy Perry's Mad Potion, will possibly get you to kiss a girl with its peony, jasmine and musk notes.
Mad Potion by Katy Perry 

Let's not forget the guys, Nautica's Voyage Sport is bold and lush with an interpretation  of the open sea with musk and patchouli.

Nautica's Voyage Sport 

Your choice in fragrance is like your signature and it leaves a lasting impression. Celebrate your personal scent style on National Fragrance Day.