Countdown to Cinco de Mayo with Patron's Margarita of The Year

Last week I was honored to attend Patron's Margarita of The Year event held in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. It was  informative, educational, interactive  and elevated the idea  the Margarita to the next level.

Back in February on National Margarita Day, Patron began its search for the Margarita of the Year. With help from seven highly recognized bartenders from the US and Mexico, customers were able to  cast their vote online and at a number of Patron sponsored events around the  country and then narrowing it down to three at the event last week.

The often misunderstood Margarita, really doesn't need to be reinvented but with the highly developed palates of patrons, the search for the perfect cocktail recipe would get everyone a little crafty. Honestly, people may say they can't dance, sing or cook but they can make or order a cocktail with faux pride.

 Now I know you are  wondering who was the winner of Margarita of The Year, it was San Antonio's  own Jordan Corney who created the Spicy: Rosa Picante Margarita. Inspired by the traditional Margarita and the Southwest classic El Diablo, Corney's secret weapon was a dash of jalapeno oil which added complex flavor and texture to his Margarita. Crafting a savory flavor with a hint of smoke, the Rosa Picante was crowned. Although, there is no right or wrong way to make a Margarita, the twist on regional ingredients  can truly kick the cocktail up a notch. If you plan on entertaining at home this Cinco de Mayo or heading out, make sure you whip out the recipe below  for the Rosa Picante Margarita and add a little spice  to your life.

Spicy: “Rosa Picante” Margarita
Presented by: Jordan Corney – San Antonio, TX

2 oz. Patrón Silver
.5 oz. Patrón Citrónge Lime Liqueur
1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
.5 oz. Ginger Syrup
Bar Spoon of Jalapeño Oil
Dash Rosewater
Rose Petal Sea Salt


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe that has been half-rimmed with rose sea salt, and top with a dash of rose water. Garnish with a rose petal, if available. 

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