Drinking From Rose Filled Glasses

We are about to enter the most wonderful time of the year yes folks - Rosè season is upon us.
You've  probably spent the winter sipping on Burgundies and Merlots, because weather and climate plays a huge part on our palette.  Come spring and summer which many consider to be the official season of Rosè, with fresh fruits, cold soups and salads, our wine glasses are far more removed from burgundy and much closer to blush. As wine is paired with food, wines especially Rosè s are also paired for an occasion. From a little #netflixandchill to a hosting gift for your most sophisticated friend, there is a Rosè for every rhyme or reason.  I found three for the most popular spring/summer scenarios.

What's a perfect Rosè to come home to after a long day at the office?

 Twena from the South African brand Seven Sisters is a French Rosè with just a hint of the country's signature grape Pinotage. Blended with the Muscat De Alexandre grape it delivers a subtle sweet profile. It has a  berry flavor in the nose so it is very easy to drink, and is more of a wine that you just want to enjoy by itself and not to disturb with a meal that might be overpowering.  Averaging around $11 a bottle, it is a perfect pick me up to unwind after a long day in the office.

Every summer I have the task of purchasing wine for my friend's birthday brunch. What goes well with light food and fare? 

If you want to pair a Rosè with a sophisticated but light meal, Boschendal The Rosè Garden Rosè  2014 also from South Africa, is perfect. Light in acidity, with a salmon pink hue, the wine is medium in both body and sweetness. Not sure what to bring to a brunch, or a garden party, you will be a hit with this Rosè and at an average price around $13, you can pick up more than one bottle with no issue.

My friends don't know a lot about wine but, I still want to share a nice bottle with them. What is best? 

The Villa Gemma Cerasulo D'Abruzzo from the Masciarelli Estate which is the largest organically farmed estate in Italy is an intense and aromatic Rosè. I'm more open to Italian wines, as for many years with the exception of Prosecco I wasn't a huge fan and my palette never felt stimulated but this Rosè, is perfect. It's long lasting, and has a dark berry like flavor. Paired with fish, pizza or cold cuts, it is round about and priced at  no more than $10 you won't be disappointed.

There you have it, a Rosè for every occasion and with the wines mentioned, a perfectly priced position.