Weekend Food Adventures #ShopEatandDrive with Car2go

If you were following me this weekend on my Twitter and Instagram, you saw me driving in my home borough of Brooklyn, courtesy of carsharing company Car2go. I hit a  number of neighbors from  Greenpoint, to Kensington to Bed Stuy to Bushwick on a sort of quasi errand running meets  food tour for which I gave the  hash tag #ShopEatandDrive while I zigzagged around Brooklyn behind the wheel of  a Smart Car.


You're probably asking why Car2go? Well from my first blog post, back in 2014  I talked about how out of all the carsharing programs in Brooklyn, Car2go was the most convenient and  economical.  Being able to hop into a car that's parked on the street and when I'm done, leaving it on the street was music to my ears. Also, with a multi-stop itinerary, Uber or Lyft would have killed my pockets. I actually realized that using Car2go to head out to events with friends was actually cheaper than Uber or Lyft a few weeks ago and I've been utilizing as much as possible. Plus, no chatty drivers, no surge pricing I can head from my home in Central Brooklyn to Bushwick for less than $10 and almost always able to find a parking space. 

So my weekend #ShopEatandDrive was all about getting behind the wheel and heading to every foodie adventure plus a few errands. I started the day off using my Car2go app and located a car not to far from my home. It was about a ten minute walk from my house so I reserved it which gave me 30 minutes to pick up my vehicle. Once I got into what I like to call the Shaun Buggie, I hit the road. My first foodie stop Greenpoint, where I had one of the best chicken parm heros this side of the New World at Italy Pizza. Next , we headed over to Brooklyn Flea in Clinton Hill were I checked out vintage clothes, antiques and of course food, well more like food bliss, I had a chorizo huarache. After Brooklyn Flea I headed due East to hidden jewel bakery Mrs. Maxwell's located on the Brooklyn Queens border, where I've been getting cakes for over thirty years. The buttercream frosting is a sugary seizure inducing epiphany and you can buy a slice for $3 or a mini cake for $15.  
Italy Pizza

My Saturday wasn't done, I parked in my neighborhood took a power nap and then headed to Astoria to have dinner with friends at Don Coqui, the Nuevo Latin bistro that serves gargantuan portions. My seafood paella was epic and overflowing and just my eyes were in a food coma, I couldn't even bring myself to truly take it all in before the night was over, I hopped in my ride  and was back in Brooklyn ready for Day 2 of #ShopEatandDrive

They say the early bird gets the worm- well, the early car gets the right of the road. While everyone was still in the bed, I was able to reserve another car, this time a 5 minute walk from my front door and I hit the road first with my Mom who I like to call my AM Thelma as in Thelma and Louise. We headed over to Kensington for some healthy and practical produce shopping for the week. We picked up veggies and fruits at rock bottom prices and then did a little scenic driving in the beautiful landmark neighborhood of Ditmas Park. From Ditmas Park, we headed East to Flatbush for some grocery shopping at Stop n' Shop this is why you have to love Car2go, my mom suggest we  pick up super bulky items that would be hard to transport on the train- gotta love Mom and their  practicality.

Produce, done, groceries done, I drop off AM Thelma sorry Mom and head over to Bushwick to get my good foodie friend Ann and we head to Prospect Park Smorgasburg  because Ann has an agenda- and we are focused.  We park, put the car in stop over mode which means the car is on hold until I come back.  We head to Smorg to chow down on  Mofon Go. How can I rate Mofon Go, well you know that feeling when  the sky opens up, the sun comes down and you hear angels sing- well yeah, that's what Mofon Go taste like. Mofon Go is authentic Puerto Rican food, a mixture of fried pork and mashed plantains and love and kisses from your favorite abuela. 

Mofon Go at Prospect Park Smorgasburg 

After Smorgasburg we hop in the Shaun mobile and head to Clinton Hill for the best cookies and ice cream sandwiches at The Good Batch a bakery which got its start at Brooklyn Flea- two cookies and we were out but we tried to walk it off down another beautiful brownstone Brooklyn block but  Ann my afternoon Thelma and I had one more stop in Bushwick at the critically acclaimed taco spot Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos where we had handmade fresh tortillas and became committed to our diets-next week. 
The Good Batch

Would we have been able to be this productive with anything else but Car2go- nope, I would have never been able  to tackle fun and errands  with such ease, Sorry, the subway would have added hours of commuting time, and a car service, I would have paid an arm and a leg. At 41 cents per minute, $14.99 an hour and a day rate of $84.99, Car2go is easy on your mind, body and budget.  The commitment free aspect of Car2go is really the driving force. I don't have to worry about insurance, gas, alternative side of the street parking or annual fees, Do you want to have your own foodie adventure and get your own #ShopEatandDrive well from now until June 19th, you can register and bypass the fee and get 15 free minutes of driving time by using the promo code C2G15 and hop in and hop out all with Car2go! Hurry up and take a look at this video to get you on the road!